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Department of English, Modern Languages, and Journalism Modern Languages Program

Helping you become a bilingual professional

Modern Languages Program

The Modern Languages Program is dedicated to preparing students for the 21st-century multilingual society, in which the United States is the second most populous Spanish-speaking country and Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States with 60 million Spanish speakers. Our program is committed to developing our students’ linguistic and cultural competencies and prepares them to enter the transnational and global workforce where bilingual Spanish-English healthcare, business and media professionals are in high demand and earn higher salaries over the course of their career.


Program Director + Department Chair, Dr. Rachel Spaulding

Emporia State Student teacher teaching children


Become a Spanish teacher and teach the next generation of future bilingual professionals. If you are trying to become a Spanish Teacher or thinking about it, learn more on our pathways to teaching page.

Medical Spanish

Spanish in the Professions

Spanish speakers are in high demand in the professional world. We offer several medical Spanish courses, Business Spanish courses and a complete minor in Spanish.

Spanish in Professions
Emporia State students studying in conference room

Bilingual Professional

Bilingual professionals are more important than ever. US is the second largest Spanish Speaking country and is on target to be the largest Spanish speaking country by 2050.

Bilingual Professional

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For more detailed information about the Modern Languages program, visit this web page to learn about course descriptions, course sequencing and placement tests.

Discover our Academic Programs

Spanish-Modern Languages

Bachelor of Arts

Pursuing this degree prepares students for the bilingual reality in which the US is the second largest Spanish Speaking country and is on target to be the largest Spanish speaking country by 2050. With 600 million Spanish Speakers worldwide and over 50 million Spanish Speakers in the US, Spanish is the world’s fourth most spoken language.

Spanish Education (Grades PreK-12)

Bachelor of Science in Education

Language skills necessary to function effectively in the environment native to the language, paired with ESU’s exceptional teaching preparation program to teach Spanish in grades PreK-12.

Spanish Minor


The Modern Languages minor in Spanish is designed to complement the student’s primary area of study. The coursework allows the student to develop an intermediate proficiency in Spanish by focusing on basic conversational skills for daily conversations and travel. Some classes such as the Spanish for Health Professionals and the Spanish in the Professions courses are designed to complement the nursing, business, and teacher preparation coursework, among many other areas of study.