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Graduate School Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions about graduate school at ESU.

General Questions

Are course and admissions requirements the same for all schools and programs?

No, each institution has unique admissions and degree completion requirements. Emporia State's admission and degree requirements can be found for all programs within the University Catalog.

Do all master’s degrees require the same amount of credit hours?

No, each institution is unique. ESU’s master’s programs range from 30 to 60 credit hours, depending on the program.

What sort of job can a master’s degree help me get?

This is industry-dependent. It is best to look at which careers you would like to pursue first, then research the benefits of higher education within that field.

Does a master’s degree guarantee a higher salary?

A higher salary is not guaranteed, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an increase in median usual weekly earnings with each additional level of educational attainment.

What are the benefits of a master’s degree?

There are a number of benefits that come with increased education, including increased job opportunity, increased likelihood of employment, and increased earnings. There are also many benefits that are not as measurable, such as growth in your professional network.

ESU-Specific Questions

What graduate programs does ESU offer?

Visit for a full listing of our graduate programs.

Can I be a dual-major graduate student with any two program?

This is dependent on your program of student and the department who hosts it.

What is the cost to attend graduate school?

Estimated graduate program costs can be found here. The Comprehensive Fees Schedule is also linked on that site for more detailed fees provided by the Cashier’s Office.

Do I qualify for financial aid?

Certificate-seeking and non-degree-seeking applicants do not qualify for financial aid. Licensure students may contact the Financial Aid and Veterans Services to see if the licensure program they are interested in would qualify for financial aid. Master’s and doctoral students are eligible for limited financial aid.

If I am still in the process of obtaining my bachelor’s degree, how do I go about the application process for graduate school?

In order to process your application and forward the file for a conditional review pending a bachelor’s degree, you must submit a letter from your Registrar or academic advisor stating that you are on track to graduate. This letter should be emailed to You will also need to request an incomplete official transcript be sent to the graduate school and once your degree is posted. Please visit our website to see how official transcripts can be sent. If you are graduating from ESU, an Intent to Graduate Form must be on file for your undergraduate degree and the graduate school will have access to their transcript.

I graduated from ESU with my bachelor’s degree. Do I need to request official transcripts?

If you graduated from ESU, the graduate school will have access to your official transcript. If you attended any institution since ESU, you need to request those official transcripts if using those hours towards your last 60 calculation or transfer credit. If you have a completed master’s degree from an institution other than ESU, you will need to request this official transcript.

How long would my submitted graduate application remain active?

Once graduate applications are processed, they are active for 3 years. We encourage students to remain in contact with their major department during this time. At any time, the department can request to have an application inactivated due to no activity. If you would like to take a semester off after being enrolled, verify that you are not enrolled for the upcoming semester and email your advisor. If your application does go inactive, you must re-apply.

What is the application deadline?

Most programs have rolling applications, with no hard deadline. We do recommend, however, that you have your application in by March 1 for entry the following summer or fall, and October 1 for entry the following spring. There are a few programs that are exceptions to this schedule.

How long can I take to complete a master’s degree?

It has to be completed within 7 years per the Emporia State University Graduate Handbook.

What is the GPA requirement?

The Graduate School requires at least a 2.2 GPA in the overall last 60 semester hours in order to send your file on to the department for review. However, each department has its own GPA requirements for admission.

Is there an application fee?


1st Time Degree or Certificate Seeking: $50

1st Time Licensure or Non-Degree Seeking:

1st Time PhD Seeking: $60

Returning New Degree or Dual Degree Seeking: $20

Returning Licensure or Non-Degree Seeking: $25

Degree or Certificate Re-Admit: $25

Licensure/Non-Degree Changing to Degree/Certificate: $40

Returning PhD Seeking: $25

Does a “welcome email” mean that I’ve been accepted into the program?

No, that email just includes instructions on how to set up your student email. After processing the application, all communication gets sent to your student email and not your personal email. Once a decision has been made in regard to your application status, an email will be sent to your student email account to notify you if you have been accepted.

Does the graduate school offer any application fee waivers?

The ESU Graduate School does not offer any application fee waivers at this time except for the McNair Scholarship students.

Do I need to send an official transcript from every college I have attended?

We need to have at least 60 graded credit hours calculate our last 60 GPA calculation. If you want those courses to be included in the final decision and/or towards the degree you are pursuing, then you will need to send us that pertinent official transcripts.

I’m having a hard time logging in to my application portal. Who can help me?

The ESU Graduate School can reset your application portal password for you and clarify that you are using the correct log in email address. Please give us a call at (620)341-5403.

I’m having problems with my ESU student email. Who do I speak with?

Any problems with your ESU student email can be addressed through our IT Help Desk at (620) 341-5555.