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Alumni Testimonials

Channon Capra, Massachusetts

This graduate program is fantastic! The online courses are outstanding and appeal to all students with diverse educational backgrounds and technological expertise. ESU provides students with both top-notch professors and advisors who truly understand the hectic day-to-day schedules of a professional educator. 

Emily Phommachack, Iowa

My experience with Emporia State University has been very rewarding. The professors went out of their way to get to know me on a personal level, even though it was long distance education. I gained much from a variety of classes that enabled me to improve the quality of my teaching.

Amy Teixeira, Rhode Island

This graduate program has helped me strengthen my teaching and coaching skills immensely. The faculty always goes above and beyond to help me feel comfortable in the learning environment. The convenience of an online program works well with my busy lifestyle. I strongly recommend the HPER graduate program at ESU to any professional wishing to receive a quality education, with outstanding staff, and the ease of online learning.

Karly Mozdzen, Pennsylvania

I highly recommend the ESU HPER graduate program. Not only do the classes help make you stronger in your career field, but the professors are invested in your education. They truly care about your success, and they make a distinct effort to get to know you personally. Enrolling in this program was one of the best things I've ever done for myself professionally.

Scott Gilberti, New York

This is great program that allows me to complete my degree at my own pace. As a full-time teacher and varsity coach, the flexibility of the program, as well as the extremely helpful faculty helped me get the most out of my education. I highly recommend this graduate program.

Patrick Molinari, Illinois

With life being as busy as it is, Emporia State has provided me not only with the convenience of obtaining my Masters degree, but also the quality of an education that is second to none.  The faculty members are caring, understanding, and professional.  I recommend this excellent program to anyone looking to further their education and changing their life and the lives of those they educate.

Marci Henderson, Kansas

I chose Emporia State to receive my Masters degree because of the quality of education and experience I received from them during my undergraduate degree. The professors really care and get to know their students on a personal level. They continually push you to reach your full potential with fun and exciting assignments and projects.