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SLIM Continuing Education

School of Library and Information Continuing Education

Emporia State University

School of Library and Information Management

SLIM Continuing Education Purpose Statement (Kansas)

SLIM’s school librarian continuing education program provides all Kansas public and open-enrollment charter school teacher librarians in grades PreK-12 access to professional development opportunities (without paying for-college credit hour tuition and fees).

This program is designed to provide continuing education sessions that include learning outcomes aligned with national and state standards for teaching information and technology literacy across all assessed content areas. We will offer face-to-face sessions that include instruction, materials, and resources. Participants can submit contact hours as part of a professional development plan for meeting selected standards.

How many PDP are necessary for license renewal?

According to KSDE, for individuals holding an advanced degree, a minimum of 120 professional development points may be earned under an approved individual development plan filed with a local professional development council. If an individual does not hold an advanced degree, a minimum of 160 professional development points may be earned under an approved individual development plan filed with a local professional development council, including at least 80 points for college credit.

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Professional Development Schedule

Certified Archivists Exam Prep

Featuring: Ashley Todd-Diaz

June 1 - July 3, 2021

Cost: $125 per person

Follow this link to register for the Certified Archivists Exam Prep course.

Special Note: If you want to take the Certified Archivists Exam this year, the deadline for exam registration passed.

Are you planning to take the Certified Archivists Exam this year?

Are you interested in the exam? If so, this workshop is for you!

A certified archivist and longtime adjunct instructor for Archives Studies at SLIM, Ashley Todd-Diaz will review necessary materials for the exam and guide you into the exam procedure.

Ashley Todd-Diaz is the Head of Special Collections and University Archives in Albert S. Cook Library at Towson University in Towson, Maryland

Consumer Health Information

Featuring: Brenda Linares

June 1 - August 7, 2021

Cost: $125 per person

Follow this link to register for the Consumer Health Information course.

This course will explore how to provide health information services for the community in a variety of settings, including public libraries, academic health sciences libraries, clinical/hospital libraries, and other health information organizations. The course will discuss approaches to locating authoritative, easy-to-read consumer health information and the most effective ways to provide patient education support, with a focus on advocacy, health disparities, and information for underserved populations. This course will also discuss how to conduct consumer health outreach projects, from locating grant funding to conducting outreach within different communities.

Brenda Linares MLIS, MBA, AHIP, currently works at KUMC’s Dykes Library as the School of Nursing Librarian and is an Adjunct Instructor at SLIM, Emporia State University. She has been a medical librarian for more than 12 years. In her current job as a Health Sciences Librarian to the School of Nursing, she has helped co-teach a Health Literacy class (NURS 327) with three other Nursing Faculty where we focus on the importance of evidence-based information, research, communication, and cultural humility. She has worked with diverse populations promoting health literacy and consumer health education in South Florida, North Carolina, and Kansas. She has also received grants from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine to collaborate and work on outreach projects to promote patient and consumer health education resources. She has been an adjunct instructor for SLIM for the last 2.5 years, teaching the Information Seeking Behavior/Reference Services course and the Management in Information Organization course. She holds a BS in Finance from California State University Northridge (CSUN), a Masters in Library Science from University of California (UCLA), and a Masters in Business Administration from North Carolina State University (NCSU).

Legal Information Research and Retrieval

Featuring: Carolyn Clark

Cost: $125 per person

Follow this link to register for the Legal Information Research and Retrieval course.

Students are introduced to the sources of the law; to the structure, organization, and access of legal information, to legal research methods, and their application in solving legal information problems.

Carolyn Clark has a JD from the University of Kentucky. In law school, her interest in library science was piqued after she began working in the law library as a student assistant. She went on to serve one year as the director of the Student Legal Research Service. After graduating from law school, she spent several years practicing law and teaching legal research as well as other law classes. It was during the time when she was the Instruction and Research Attorney at the University of Kansas School of Law that she decided to focus on librarianship. She enrolled in Emporia State University’s SLIM program and earned an MLS and a certificate of Legal Information Management. Currently, she oversees the information literacy program at Baker University, engages in the private practice of law, and teaching legal research at Emporia State University.