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SLIM Department International Trips

We are committed to learning in an international context

Travel + Study Abroad

Both ESU and SLIM have a strong commitment to learning in an international context, as these learning experiences help our students become better librarians and information specialists. SLIM runs an extensive program of international learning trips, with one trip taking place each semester. Each trip forms a field experience in the LI 860 class, where students both prepare for the trip before the departure, and debrief extensively upon their return. All students in good academic standing are eligible to apply and a selection system ensures that students at each of the six SLIM program sites have equal opportunity to participate. Students in the Ph.D. and M.S. in Informatics programs are also eligible to apply. Preference is given to students in their final semesters of study, but students are eligible to apply after completing 12 credit hours of study.

Scholarship support for these study trips is available through both the Office of International Education at ESU and through the Martha Kruse Furbur fund at SLIM.

Previous study trips have included:

  • North America
  • Mexico
  • South America
  • Paraguay
  • Europe
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Serbia
  • Ukraine

Future plans include trips to South Africa and the Czech Republic, as well as return visits to Bulgaria, England, Scotland and Serbia.

For more information:

Voice: 620-341-5203
Toll free: 1-800-552-4770

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