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Bobbi & Steve Sauder Center for Entrepreneurial Development

Facilitating high-impact learning for students pursuing a career in entrepreneurship

Supporting entrepreneurship

Located on the second floor of Cremer Hall, the Center for Entrepreneurial Development is used to facilitate high-impact learning for students pursuing a career in entrepreneurship. This, in conjunction with ESU's new Entrepreneurship degree, will support students in starting their own business. Skills learned through the major include how to create solutions to customers’ problems, think innovatively, create a business plan, conduct market research, manage the new business and work in collaborative environments in an ever-changing global marketplace. Because the program is interdisciplinary, students can determine how it fits with their own long-term goals. For instance, a student majoring in art would benefit from the skills and knowledge gained to open an art studio. This space gives students a place to network, study and plan their business ventures.

The donors

Steve Sauder has been an entrepreneur since his graduation from Emporia State in 1968. He co-founded Valu-Line, the first alternative long distance telephone company in Kansas in 1981 and acquired Emporia's Radio Station, Inc., in 1986, developed numerous Emporia real estate projects, became the principle partner in a hotel company in 2001 and founded Valu Net Fiber in 2011. He twice co-chaired capital campaigns the most recent as "Champion for Athletics" in the university's $58 million "Now and Forever" campaign.

To demonstrate their leadership and high level of personal commitment and heartfelt desire to give back to ESU and its students, faculty and programs, Steve & Bobbi Sauder are the principle donors to this project.