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Graduate School Counselor Education - Applicant Confidentiality Preference Form

Counselor Education - Applicant Confidentiality Preference Form

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (PL 93-380) makes official records available to adult students.  This law also permits the student/applicant to waive the right of access to the recommendation requested in this form.  The primary effect of this law gives the student the right to review any information contained in their graduate advisement folders.  Materials in such folders may be reviewed by students within 45 days after they request to review such materials.  However, the student does have the right to choose whether he/she wishes to have some materials, such as recommendation forms, remain confidential.

The following CONFIDENTIALITY PREFERENCE FORM permits you to choose the option you prefer.  The following comments are submitted for your consideration in making a decision whether to retain their confidentiality.

1.  Persons you ask to complete recommendation forms for you may prefer that their recommendations not be reviewed.

2.  Applicants are usually selective in their request for recommendations.  You should select persons who know you well enough to make a judgment concerning your potential as a graduate student and future counselor. 

Please make your references aware of your decision regarding whether you can view their recommendation.  By submitting this form you are stating you have had this discussion with your references.