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Graduate Council

Graduate Council

Council Members


Amanda Lickteig


Vice Chair

William Jensen

Executive Secretary, Graduate Studies

Jan Gerstner

Graduate Recruitment and Development Specialist (ex officio)

Kerri Jackson

Faculty, Physical Science

Michael Morales

Faculty, HPER

Michael Butler

Faculty, Counselor Education

Libby Schmanke

Faculty, Elementary Education/Early Childhood/Special Education

Jerry Liss

Faculty, School Leadership/Middle & Secondary Education

Amanda Lickteig

Faculty, Social Science

Marie Johnson

Faculty, School of Business

Will Phillips

Faculty, Music

Andy Houchins

Faculty, Instructional Design & Technology

Dusti Howell

Faculty, SLIM

Stan Trembach


John Wade

Faculty, English Modern Language & Journalism

Mel Storm

Faculty, Mathematics and Economics

Essam Abotteen

Graduate & Distance Education Dean (ex officio)

Jerry Spotswood

Vice President of Student Affairs (ex officio)

Jim Williams

Faculty, Biological Sciences

William Jenson

Faculty, Nursing

Lynnette Schreiner

Graduate Student Representative

Kyra Jumper


Graduate Student Representative

Yifang Hao