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Council on Teacher Education

Council on Teacher Education

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Council Members



Faculty Representative-Secondary Education

Amanda Lickteig

Faculty Representative-Elementary Education

Stephanie Metzger

Faculty Representative-Elementary Education

Sara Schwerdtfeger

Faculty Representative-Music

Gaile Stephens

Faculty Representative-English

Kevin Kienholz

Faculty Representative-Art

Charity Woodard

Faculty Representative-Physics, Chemistry & Earth Science

Claudia Agrirre-Mendez

Faculty Representative-Psychology

Kelly McEnerney

Faculty Representative-Mathematics

Marvin Harrell

Faculty Representative- History/Government

Darla Mallein

Faculty Representative-Biological Sciences

Erika Martin

Faculty Representative-Speech/Theatre

Jim Harris

Faculty Representative-Physical Education/Health

Tyler Goad

Faculty Representative-Business

Joyce Zhou

Faculty Representative-Modern Languages & Journalism


Student Representative, Secondary Education

Mackinzee Olson


Student Representative, Elementary Education

Hailey Kisner


Secondary Teacher, USD 253 (1)

Blair Falldine

Elementary Teacher, USD 253 (1)

Ashley Conrade

Dean, The Teachers College

Joan Brewer

Associate Dean, The Teachers College

Zeni Colorado Resa

Career Services

June Coleman


Michael Widdersheim

Elementary Education Admissions

Jaden Rahe

EE/EC/SE Chair

Jerry Liss

OFPL & ALT Route Program Director

Shannon Hall

Counselor Education

Bob Kircher

Licensure Officer

Andra Balwdin


Dan Stiffler

Special Education

Catherine Ayantoye

Secondary Education

Amanda Lickteig