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COVID-19 Resources

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the current mask requirements for members of Hornet Nation?

A. Masks are optional and no longer required in all Emporia State buildings.

Is social distancing required while in class and other places?

No. Social distancing is not required but faculty, staff and students should use good judgment.

Given that we are not social distancing, what can I do to keep students safe in class?

It may be helpful for faculty to assign seats to assist in contact tracing. Encourage students to get vaccinated.

What is my responsibility as a teaching faculty member if a student in my class tests positive for COVID-19?

Faculty do not need to make any reports and should handle this situation as they would any other student illness, keeping in mind the student’s right to privacy. Students should report any illness or need to quarantine/isolate to the Vice President of Student Affairs Office at The VPSA will contact the student’s faculty members to let them know the student will be absent from class. Reporting of the positive cases and any contact tracing will be handled by the local health department and the ESU Student Wellness Center.

What is my responsibility as a staff member if a student group member tests positive for COVID-19?

Report the situation to your supervisor who should then contact Mary McDaniel Anschutz in the Student Wellness Center to determine next steps.

What happens if I am exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID-19?

You should contact the Student Wellness Center, the local health department or your local medical provider.

What guidelines should students who are in student teaching, internships and other field-based experiences follow?

They should adhere to guidelines consistent with those of organizations to which they are assigned. (This would apply to those faculty who are supervising students in these locations as well.)

If I need more information, who do I contact?

Your supervisor, the website.

What should a faculty or staff member do if they test positive for COVID-19 and/or need to quarantine?

They should report the illness and quarantine as they would for any other illness, and record appropriate leave on their timesheet. Faculty should work with their department chairs and respective dean to discuss options for covering courses as needed. Substitutes should be found to cover the course(s). Courses cannot be moved from in-person to remote instruction.

Staff should work with their supervisor to determine if remote work is possible; any remote work would need to be approved by the respective dean and/or Vice President.

How should students, faculty and staff request accommodations should they be deemed necessary by a medical professional?

Students should request accommodations through Student Accessibility and Support Services (SASS). Faculty should request accommodations through Human Resources.

What if a student shows up to class or meetings ill?

Discreetly speak to the student and encourage them to call the Student Wellness Center at 620-341-5222, as well as the Vice President of Student Affairs at Faculty are encouraged to remind their students to self-assess prior to coming to class.

What if an employee (faculty, staff, student worker) shows up to work ill?

The supervisor should discreetly speak to the employee. The supervisor may send the employee home after consultation with their leadership and human resources.