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Richard Sleezer

Richard Sleezer

Professor of Earth Sciences
Interim Assistant Dean of School of Science & Mathematics

Campus Box 4030

Building Science Hall

Room 133A

  • 620-341-5330

Rich Sleezer Earth Science


M.S. Physical Science (Earth Science) - Emporia State University (1990)

Ph.D. Geography – University of Kansas (2001)

Research Interests

Groundwater Pollution Risk Assessment; Organic Carbon Storage in Soils; Detecting Environmental Change Using Historical Aerial Photography; Accurate Detection and Delineation of Water Bodies Using a Variety of Remote Sensing Platforms; Quantifying Sediment, Carbon and Water Storage in Anthropogenic Water Bodies; Quantifying Soil Variability; Modeling Impacts of Anthropogenic Water Bodies and Agricultural Terraces on Sediment Budgets and Basin-Wide Water Storage, Evapotranspiration, and Historical Stream Flow, Carbon Cycling, Soil Database Design, Climate Variability and Climate Change.

Courses Taught

ES110/111 Introduction to Earth Science and Lab
ES333 Environmental Geology
ES539 Soil Science and Lab
GO571 Hydrogeology
ES751 Advanced GIS

Advising Areas

Undergraduate Earth Science Majors, Geospatial Analysis, Graduate Students - Physical Science with Earth Science Concentration.

Rich Sleezer CV