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SLIM Graduate Assistantships

SLIM Graduate Assistantships

Each fall, SLIM offers assistantships and internships to full-time graduate students taking classes in Emporia. Graduate assistants are awarded tuition waivers, and they earn a bi-weekly stipend based on 20 hours of work per week.

Graduate assistantships and internships offer a variety of opportunities to build experience in teaching, research, and library work. There are several graduate assistantships in SLIM that involve:

  • Work with online and virtual weekend intensive classes
  • Research with faculty members
  • Work at the ESU Newman Division of Nursing, which is located near Newman Hospital in Emporia, for students interested in medical librarianship.
  • Work at the Emporia High School for students pursuing a career in K-12 libraries (the high school internships are only available to students who are currently Kansas residents).

Please contact Kathie Buckman if you would like more information about graduate assistantships. To apply for a graduate assistantship or internship, please submit the Graduate School Assistantship Application.