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Graduate School Elementary Education/Early Childhood/Special Education Disposition Assessment Procedures/Policy Acceptance Form

Elementary Education/Early Childhood/Special Education Disposition Assessment Procedures/Policy Acceptance Form

Dispositions to be Assessed (from the Conceptual Framework.pdf)

Candidates will demonstrate a:

  • commitment to professionalism and ethical standards.
  • desire to analyze concepts and clinical practices, to experiment, and to evaluate and/or initiate innovative practices.
  • dedication to life-long learning by participating in professional organizations and keeping
  • current with research in their field.
  • belief in having high expectations for all learners.
  • respect for cultural and individual differences by providing equitable learning opportunities for all.
  • desire to communicate with family and community members to make them partners in the educational process.
  • commitment to collaboration with other professionals to improve the overall learning of students.

Procedures for Disposition Assessment

  • Dispositions will be assessed by each instructor of the core courses in our advanced programs. If dispositions are unacceptable, a plan for improvement will be developed for the candidate to follow during a probationary period.
  • Whenever concerns or exemplary actions regarding disposition arise, they will be documented by letter in the candidate’s file (form provided). Dispositions will be assessed throughout coursework and included in the candidate’s file. Concerns and exemplary actions will be discussed with the candidate.
  • The department validates acceptable dispositions of candidates for admission to practicum and/or internship. If dispositions are unacceptable, the candidate will be denied admission to the practicum and/or internship or a contract will be developed for the candidate to follow during these field experiences. The candidate may file an appeal if admission to practicum and/or internship is denied.
  • A final assessment of dispositions is done at program completion and/or recommendation for licensure.

Candidate Notification Policy

  • Candidates will be given a copy of this policy, the “Advanced Candidate Disposition Assessment Timeline,” the “Advanced Candidate Assessment of Disposition,” and if applicable, departmental dispositions assessment forms.
  • Copies of the policy will be available in the department office for all incoming and transfer students who wish to pursue an advanced degree.
  • Candidates will be provided a copy of the policy during advising sessions.
  • Candidates must sign a statement that they understand the policy as written.
  • Signed statements will be kept on file in the candidate’s permanent and departmental files.
  • Candidates will be informed that they must meet all criteria listed on the “Advanced Candidate Assessment of Dispositions” form.

Appeals Process

The candidate may appeal admission decisions to the Associate Dean of the Teachers College.
Appeals will follow the Emporia State University’s Academic Appeals Process.

Please complete the Advanced Candidate Assessment of Dispositions.

By submitting this form, the candidate is certifying that they were informed of the above policy and is in agreement with the policy.