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Art Therapy Admissions Requirements

Application + Degree Requirements

Application Requirements

  1. Complete Graduate School Application.
  2. Complete Department of Counselor Education Graduate Student Application.
  3. Complete Confidentiality Form.
  4. Three professional references (college instructor, advisor, supervisor, or employer) using the department Reference Forms.
  5. A digital portfolio with 15 to 20 examples of artwork showing competence in a range of media. Portfolios should demonstrate expressiveness and basic competence in a range of media, rather than talent or technical skill focused in one medium. Please caption your slides.
  6. Twelve semester hours of psychology to include abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, and other psychology courses.
  7. Eighteen semester hours of studio art courses (may substitute one art therapy course).
  8. An overall 3.00 grade-point average on a four-point scale or a 3.25 on the last 60 semester hours for the undergraduate degree.
  9. A Bachelor's of Science, Bachelor's of Art, Bachelor's of Fine Arts, or Bachelor's of Science in Education degree. No specific major is required. ESU offers an undergraduate degree in art with a secondary focus in psychology designed to prepare students for the master’s program. Read more about it here.

When all items have been received, applications will be reviewed by a program committee and the applicant will be notified by the department of their acceptance status.

It is recommended applicants have previous experience with various special populations in volunteer work, summer jobs, etc. Please mention such experience in the department application. Art Therapy Counseling students have an option of either a Thesis or Master’s Project track.

*International applicants have additional requirements; visit ESU's Office of International Education to find out more.

Post-Admission Degree Requirements

Degree Candidacy Requirements

Candidacy is the formal approval for pursuit of the master's degree after it is determined that all specified criteria have been met. Upon completion of six to twelve hours, students should make application for Degree Candidacy through their advisor. Requirements for degree candidacy are as follows:

  • Degree plan filed through student's advisor.
  • Maintain a B average with no grade lower than B in core courses.

Graduation Requirements

The requirements for completion of an M.S. degree in Art Therapy Counseling include:

  1. completion of an approved program of study as developed and approved by a faculty advisor;
  2. submission of the application for degree candidacy;
  3. completion of either a master's project or thesis in art therapy.
  4. submission of the Intent to Graduate Form as scheduled in advance of graduation.