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Image of Mirah Dow, 2010-2011 Chapter President

Chapter President,
Mirah Dow

February 2010

September 2009


President's Message and Special Invitation


September 2010

Many will agree that there is no higher calling than making a difference in students’ lives.  Those of us who teach today’s PreK-12 students, or prepare tomorrow’s teachers, know that to make a positive difference, we need a supportive community.  We also know to be good at what we teach, we must keep pace with research and participate in professional development.  We need lots of connections to reliable information and people.  We need Phi Delta Kappa International.

This will be a great year for participation in the PDK Flint Hills Chapter.  To achieve new chapter goals, we are making plans for many supportive and informative opportunities.  There will be presentations on topics highly relevant to on-going debates in our field.  We will publicize research-based knowledge activities and accomplishments of our chapter members.  We will recognize and celebrate outstanding contributions of PDK members by submitting individual and/or chapter award nominations.  We have plans to cultivate and support next generation educators by sponsoring events with Emporia High School, Emporia, KS, The Future Educations Association (FEA) group and to conduct an inquiry of area high schools to determine additional locations for future educator groups.  We hope all this will result in increased Flint Hills Chapter membership.

The variety of opportunities to get involved will hopefully make joining in irresistible.  As you will discover as you read this newsletter, we are making plans to host receptions at lectures, to gather for book talks and special presentations, and to arrange service projects for PDK’s annual events: Read for the Record, which promotes early childhood education by calling on participants to read a designated book on a designated day; and Chalk Walk, designed to raise funds to support the next generation of educators while honoring teachers, past and present, who make a difference.

If you are looking for ways to get involved, please make plans to join in. Contact me, or any chapter officer, if you have suggestions or questions.
I want to reassure you that as always, the Flint Hills Chapter members’ ultimate goal is provide lots of local, beneficial opportunities to promote high-quality education and to support educators.  We hope to see you often and very soon.

Mirah Dow
Associate Professor
School of Library and Information Management
Emporia State University

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