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Image of Phil Bennett, 2009-2010 Chapter President

Chapter President,
Phil Bennett

September 2010

September 2009


President's Message


February 2010

While it seems like it was just a week or so ago that we started a new year, looking ahead it seems the year is almost over.  We were especially pleased to support the campus-wide Leonard Marcus program, a well known children’s book author.  We have some interesting activities planned for the remainder of the year.  These are listed in this newsletter and we will inform you of more details as we get closer to the time.  I would urge you to attend one of the "Interactive Responses Systems for the Classroom" programs.  They will feature the Promethean's ActivBoard and Learner Response Systems, which is a great technology for use in your school or classroom.  Please plan to attend the Flint Hills PDK annual banquet and initiation on April 29th.

We are seeking new members for the Flint Hills chapter and the 90-day free, no commitment membership is a good time to join PDK (see page 2).  If you have questions about membership or would like to nominate someone, contact Connie Phelps (, VP for membership, for additional information.

We will soon be nominating chapter officers for next year.  If you would be interested/willing to serve as an officer in the Flint Hills chapter of PDK please email me ( and let me know.

For future newsletters we would like very much to include more information about what members are doing. Please e-mail information to me at   We have a web page ( and are updating it with current information.

We greatly appreciate your support of the Flint Hills Chapter and hope to see each of you at the meetings.

Phil Bennett, President
Flint Hills Chapter of PDK

Image of Phil Bennett with Leonard Marcus

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