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Region C Leadership Conference


By Mirah Dow

The PDK Flint Hill Chapter hosted the June 16, 2010 Region C Chapter Leadership Conference at Emporia State University. Dr. Sandee Crowther, PDK International President, Dr. Patricia Williams, Region C Representative, and Dr. Connie Phelps, Regional Cb Chapter Member Liaison provided information and guidance related to PDK mission, vision, and goals. Area leaders from K-State University, Wichita State University, Pittsburg State University, and Emporia State University participated in the day-long conference. Emporia State University was recognized with a chapter service award.

A major focus of the day was on available chapter resources such as the PDK web site and newsletter, and clarifying PDK project and scholar opportunities including Chalk Walk for Education, Read for the Record, Future Educator Associations, available travel scholarships, fellowships, the international PDK conference, publications, Book Club, Emerging Leaders, and PDK webinars. Members were encouraged to assess local chapter goals, set new goals, identify, activities and service, identify action teams, to establish checkpoints .

PDK: The experts in cultivating great educators for tomorrow and ensuring high-quality education for today.

Image of Region C PDK Members at Leadership Conference

image of members at Region C Leadership Conference

Flint Hills Chapter Members at the Region C Leadership Conference

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