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Annual Emporia Chalk Walk Honors Teachers

By Connie Phelps

Last year on Saturday, May 8, 2011, Future Teacher Association (FEA) students and faculty from Emporia High School honored teachers during a Chalk Walk at Flint Hills Mall. Sponsored by the Flint Hills PDK chapter, funds supported the Emporia High School FEA and PDK Foundation. Student walkers included Becca Eichler and Nancy Delgado, and FEA faculty sponsor Carmaine Ternes joined students. The event occurred during National Teachers Appreciation week. The theme was "Great Teachers + Your Support = More Great Teachers. Be part of the equation." Walkers and donors named the following teachers who made a difference in their lives:

2010 Honored Teachers

Mr. Clarence Asbill
Mrs. Bloomquist
Claudia Cosimano
Mrs. Joan Gryder
John Harclerode
Miss Hoffelt
Aurelia McEachern
Dr. Maria Mocuta and
Nancy Poertner

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The 2011 Chalk Walk is set to be held on Saturday, May 7th at 9AM at Flint Hills Mall. We hope you will join us! For more information, click here or please contact, Zeni Colorado at Download a pledge form here.



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