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If it is true that a region is defined by its people and their culture, then Jim Hoy and Tom Isern sern have taken a second giant step in defining the Great Plains, the first being Plains Folk: A Commonplace of the Great Plains, also published by the University of Oklahoma Press (1987). Plains Folk II: The Romance of the Landscape is a continuation of that volume.

As in their first book, the authors have written about hardy plains dwellers (a rare breed who feel out of place anywhere except on the prairie) and their cultural heritage, which derives from many sources in both the Old World and the New. Here are stories about plains folklore, animals, food, life-styles, and artifacts in a land of buttermilk and blabs, Bigfoot and bindweed.

In sharing their experiences of the plains region, Hoy and Isern convey their sense of place and their affection for the area. They see beauty in landscapes that others, used to mountains or forests, term barren. They look beyond the seemingly flat surface into the lives and culture of those who turned the Great American Desert into the Garden of the World.

"Here is regionalism at its best -- a wonderfully entertaining book, stuffed with sparkling and insightful stories, yarns, and sketches." - RICHARD W. ETULAIN, PROFESSOR OF HISTORY, DIRECTOR, CENTER FOR THE AMERICAN WEST.

"Plains Folk II represents love and time as well as talent. You don't collect good oral history all at once or indifferently. Hoy and Isern call themselves a couple of farm boys with Ph.D.s, but it is a rare Ph.D. who hasn't had most of the farm winnowed out of him.... It is a book you can pick up in any spare moment and depend on to be good for some insight and a smile to boot." - CRAIG MINER.

"Isern and Hoy are excellent storytellers. In Plains Folk II they share with us the rich plains folk culture which they have been a part of and studied over the years. We have here items and activities of plains folklife described in a most entertaining fashion. It is clear that Isern and Hoy understand the plains region and have a deep affection for its people." - RAMON POWERS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, KANSAS STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY.

"If you love the Plains, you'll love this book. Delightful." - JIM FISHER, REPORTER, Kansas City Times.

University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 0-8061-2272-2

(This book can be ordered from your local bookstore or directly from the University of Oklahoma Press by calling 1-800-627-7377 or by calling BOOK KANSAS! at 1-800-790-2665.)

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