Lyman B. Kellogg Family Papers

Summary Information

Emporia State University Special Collections and Archives
Harris, Sue Kellogg.
Kellogg, Claire
Lyman B. Kellogg Family Papers
Circa 1853-1938
2.25 Linear feet
Manuscripts, typescripts, notebooks, sketchbooks, letters, diplomas, certificates, news clippings, programs, published materials, tintypes, photographs, prints, and artifacts pertaining to the life of Lyman Beecher Kellogg and his family.

Preferred Citation note

Lyman B. Kellogg Family Papers, Emporia State University Archives, Emporia State University.

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Biographical/Historical note

Lyman Beecher Kellogg was born on September 28, 1841, in Lorain County, Ohio. His parents were Hiram Kellogg and Delia Beecher. His older brother was Hiram Delaney Kellogg. The Kellogg family moved to Illinois when Lyman was a youth. Lyman Beecher Kellogg graduated from the Illinois State Normal University in Bloomington in 1864, and soon after his graduation he was recruited to become the founding principal of the Kansas State Normal School in Emporia.

Kellogg arrived in Emporia in January, 1865, and made preparations to start the new school. The Kansas State Normal School opened for its first day of class on February 15, 1865, with eighteen students and Kellogg as the only teacher. The school was operating in a temporary location with borrowed furniture and very limited resources. Kellogg brought the only two books the school had on that first day: a Bible and a dictionary. Kellogg led the early development of the school by expanding the faculty, moving the school into its own building, and attracting more students. Kellogg recruited Henry Brace Norton as the school’s second faculty member in the Fall of 1865, and in 1867 Kellogg and Norton became the publishers of the Educational Journal, a teachers’ paper which was published from 1864 to 1874. Kellogg also contributed to the work of education in Kansas by serving three terms as president of the State Teachers’ Association. By the time Kellogg resigned from the presidency of Kansas State Normal School in June of 1871, the school had five teachers and about 150 students.

During Kellogg’s time at the Kansas State Normal School, he married Abbie G. Homer on December 19, 1866. The children from that marriage were Vernon Lyman Kellogg, born on December 1, 1867, and Fred Homer Kellogg, born on November 1, 1869.

In 1870 Kellogg became a member of the Cresswell Town Company, which was involved in the establishment of Arkansas City in Cowley County, Kansas. After Kellogg resigned from teaching in 1871, he moved to Arkansas City to pursue his business interests there, and also began his study and practice of law. Kellogg’s various activities in Arkansas City included serving as United States Commissioner in Cowley County, serving on the school board, publishing and editing the Arkansas City Traveler newspaper, and helping the Congregational Church to get started.

Kellogg’s wife Abbie became ill with consumption, and although they went to Colorado in hopes that the climate would help Abbie’s condition, she died in Golden, Colorado, on May 15, 1873. Kellogg returned to Arkansas City and continued his law practice there until 1875. In April, 1875, Kellogg moved back to Emporia, living at 803 Mechanic Street, and continued the practice of law. He became active in politics during that time and held several elected offices. In the Fall of 1876 he was elected to the state legislature as representative for Lyon County. In 1878 Kellogg was elected probate judge of Lyon County, and was re-elected in 1880 and 1882. He served several terms on the Emporia Board of Education in the 1880s. In 1884 he was elected to the state senate. During that same time period Kellogg entered a second marriage. He married Mary Virginia Mitchell Arthur on June 11, 1878. Mary Virginia Mitchell, generally known as “Jennie,” was born March 4, 1850, and was the daughter of the Reverend Daniel Patrick Mitchell and Anna Eliza Baker Mitchell. At the time Kellogg met Jennie she was already a widow, having been previously married to Benton Arthur. In this second marriage for both of them, the Kelloggs had three children. Charles Mitchell Kellogg was born in 1879, Mary Virginia Kellogg was born in 1883, and Joseph Mitchell Kellogg was born in 1885. Kellogg instructed Jennie in her study of law, and she became the first woman lawyer in Kansas, being admitted to the Lyon County Bar on December 6, 1880, and being admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Kansas on February 3, 1881. The Kelloggs worked together in private legal practice under the firm name L. B. and J. M. Kellogg. Kellogg’s career in politics continued after his term in the state senate. In 1888 he was elected Attorney General of Kansas. His wife Jennie worked with him as Assistant Attorney General of Kansas. Kellogg was defeated when he sought re-election in 1890. When Kellogg’s term as Attorney General ended, he had completed 14 years of continuously holding some public office. Later in his life Kellogg was twice a candidate for judge of a district court, but was defeated in both elections. Kellogg’s interest in the Kansas State Normal School continued throughout his lifetime, and he served two terms on the school’s Board of Regents from 1900 to 1907. Kellogg was absent from the Board meeting on June 4, 1907, during which the Regents decided to honor Kellogg’s work as first president of the school by naming the newly constructed library the Kellogg Library.

Kellogg’s wife Jennie died on May 9, 1911, and not long after that Kellogg moved into the Emporia home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Eckdall at 727 Rural Street. (Mrs. Eckdall was Jennie’s sister.) During those later years of his life, Kellogg participated in the Kansas State Normal School’s annual celebrations of Founder’s Day on February 15, and was also accustomed to make a special visit to the school on his birthday, September 28. Kellogg was especially remembered and honored by the Kansas State Normal School during its 50th anniversary in 1915. Kellogg delivered speeches for both the Founder’s Day events and for the commencement in June. He was presented with a special honorary diploma at the commencement, and the 1915 Sunflower yearbook was dedicated to him. On his 77th birthday, September 28, 1918, Kellogg was too ill to make his accustomed visit to the campus of the Normal School, so the entire faculty and student body marched over to the Eckdall residence to greet Kellogg there. Kellogg was able to come out onto the porch to greet his well-wishers. Kellogg died ten days later on the evening of October 8, 1918, and was buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Emporia.

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Scope and Contents note

The collection includes a variety of materials related to Lyman Beecher Kellogg and his family.

The manuscript of “Recollections by L. B. Kellogg” contains 310 leaves describing his life. Chapters 1 through 5 have consecutive leaf numbers, but with these exceptions: there is a smaller leaf placed after number 145 with notes relating to leaf 145; there is a news clipping attached to leaf 222; and leaves after number 226 were numbered 223-225 and re-numbered 227-229. The next leaf after that has a number 223 crossed out, and has writing on both sides. Chapters 6 through 9 have separate leaf numberings for each chapter and for some sections within chapters. Chapter 6 has 21 leaves numbered 1 through 20, plus a leaf numbered 2½ after number 2. Chapter 7 has 17 leaves numbered 1 to 17. Chapter 8 has 30 leaves which form distinct sections. There are leaves numbered 1 to 8, then leaves numbered 6 to 13, with leaf 13 damaged and missing some of the upper right corner and text. Leaf 13 is followed by a typed leaf numbered 9, which contains a transcription of a portion of text from the previous leaves 11 to 13, thus supplying the missing text from the damaged leaf. Following the typed leaf is the section labeled “My first Murder Case,” with 13 leaves numbered 9 to 20, plus one numbered 12½ after leaf 12. Chapter 9 contains 11 leaves numbered 1 to 11.

Two separate items related to the manuscript are a single leaf and a clipping. The leaf is headed as Chapter 5½, and refers to a “Historical Address, on the Founding of the State Normal School” later published by the Kansas State Historical Society. The clipping is the published article that the leaf refers to, taken from Kansas Historical Collections, volume 12 (1912), pages 88-98.

There is a sketchbook of Kellogg’s drawings from 1860 to 1863, a tablet of sketches that was removed from inside the sketchbook, and two loose leaves with drawings removed from inside the tablet. There are five notebooks containing Kellogg’s handwritten notes, essays, copied poetry, and news clippings. One notebook is undated; the others cover the years 1860 to 1873. Loose items such as news clippings are filed with the books that they were removed from.

There are nine manuscripts or typescripts by Kellogg. There is an essay Kellogg wrote as a student, circa 1860 to 1864. There are four speeches delivered for college events between 1912 and 1915: one for Founder’s Day at the Illinois Normal University (a printed program from that event is also with the manuscript), one for the Founder’s Day at Kansas State Normal School, one for commencement at Hays, Kansas, and one for commencement at the Kansas State Normal School. There are four papers delivered to the Current Club of Emporia, Kansas, between 1902 and 1916.

There are two manuscripts by Jennie Mitchell Kellogg on “Cathedrals” and the “Story of the Kansas Constitution,” which she presented at Chautauquas from 1890 to 1897.

There are two letters: one from Kellogg to Dan and Mercy Delaney in 1861, and one letter received by Mercy Delaney at Kellogg’s residence in Emporia in 1877.

There are four diplomas: Kellogg’s diploma from the Illinois State Normal University in 1864, his honorary diploma from the Kansas State Normal School in 1915, and Dan Delaney’s medical diplomas from 1831 and 1836.

There is a certificate issued to D. P. Mitchell from the Sons of Temperance in 1852, and a deed to a cemetery plot purchased by Anna Eliza Mitchell in Emporia, Kansas, in 1881.

News clippings include two obituaries for Daniel P. Mitchell from 1881, a wedding notice for Bird Weyler and Charles Kellogg from 1905, an article on the Emporia public library from 1926, and an obituary of Vernon L. Kellogg from 1937.

There are six programs from various events that Kellogg and members of his family participated in between 1898 and 1922.

There are six published books or booklets in the collection. First is the Catalogue of the State Normal School at Emporia, Kansas for the year ending Dec. 31, 1868, with a pencil notation, “Prof. Kellogg,” on the front cover. Second is  A History of Lawrence, Kansas from the First Settlement to the Close of the Rebellion, by Richard Cordley in 1895, with the notation “L. B. & J. M. Kellogg Oct. 31/1895.” Third is  The Government of the State and Nation: A Manual for the School and the Home, written by Kellogg and A. R. Taylor in 1903, with the notation, “Charles Mitchell Kellogg from his father--May 9, 1903.” Fourth is the  Official Railroad Map: Kansas, 1905, with the notation, “Joseph M. Kellogg,” inside the front cover. Fifth is  Some Essentials of an Education, published by William Allen White in 1907 and inscribed “For Mr. and Mrs. Lyman B. Kellogg from W. A. White with a Christmas Greeting.” Sixth is the 1915  Sunflower (the yearbook of the Kansas State Normal School) with the notation, “Presented to Lyman Beecher Kellogg on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Kansas State Normal School by the Alumni Association.”

There are a variety of tintypes, photographs, prints, and photocopies from photograph albums from circa 1853 to 1938, with several undated items. Subjects of the pictures include: Lyman Beecher Kellogg, Delia Beecher Kellogg, Hiram Kellogg, Jr. and Family, Vernon Kellogg, Fred Kellogg, Jennie Mitchell Kellogg, the Kellogg house at 803 Mechanic Street in Emporia, Rev. Henry Baker and his wife, D. P. and Anna Eliza Mitchell, John W. and Mary White Baker, Benton Arthur, the Kellogg children with neighbor children, Mary Virginia Kellogg, Charles Bayard Mitchell, Joseph T. Mitchell, Dove Mitchell, Jonas E. and Danetta Mitchell Eckdall, Annie Mitchell Aull, Clara Aull Mitchell, William F. Aull, Harold B. Aull, L. Beecher Kellogg, and a few unidentified subjects.

The two artifacts in the collection are Kellogg’s black leather wallet and his silver pocket watch case, which is engraved “L. B. Kellogg from his Friends 1885.”

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Arrangement note

The collection is arranged by types of documents. Chronological order is used within document types. Photographs are arranged by subject, and arranged chronologically within subjects.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Emporia State University Special Collections and Archives December 2007-February 2008

1200 Commercial St
Campus Box 4051
Emporia, KS, 66801
(620) 341-6431

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Related Materials

Related Archival Materials note

Several items in the collection are photographic prints or photocopies marked as copies from originals held by Sue Kellogg Harris. Rights to those images remain with Sue Kellogg Harris.

Recollections: The Memoirs of Lyman Beecher Kellogg, edited by Sam Dicks, is the published edition of Kellogg’s memoirs, and contains extensive notes, annotations, and several photographs not contained in this collection. It is available in Emporia State University Archives and in the University’s William Allen White Library.

Official records from Kellogg’s work as president of the Kansas State Normal School may be located in record group ESU001. Official records of Kellogg’s work on the Board of Regents may be located in record group ESU000. The Bible and dictionary used by Kellogg on the first day of the Kansas State Normal School are in record group ESU001. Kellogg’s role as first president of the Normal School and his legal and political career are mentioned in many histories, including Roy Durham’s Qualities of Greatness, A. T. Andreas’ 1883  History of Kansas, J. Scott McCormick’s   Development and Growth of the Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, 1865-1925, P. J. Wyatt’s  History of the First Hundred Years of the Kansas State Teachers College, 1863-1963, Ray Call’s 1998 draft of a History of Emporia State University. The Faculty Card Index notes that Kellogg was president of Kansas State Normal School from 1865 to 1871, and was instructor in Theory and Art of Teaching, and Mental and Political Science. The  Bulletin Index has several entries on Kellogg. The Normaliana Index has several entries on Kellogg, mentioning items such as clippings from the time he was president, samples of form letters he used, and items relating to his interactions with various teachers associations. The  Emporia Gazette contains obituaries and a report on Kellogg’s funeral in the issues of October 9-11, 1918, and an article in the February 13, 2007, issue reports on the publication of Kellogg’s memoirs and the donation of this collection to Emporia State University.

The Sam Dicks Papers include a photocopy of a transcription of Kellogg’s memoirs with Dicks’ handwritten notes indicating discrepancies between the original manuscript and the somewhat edited transcription.

Separated Materials note

Three books are located on the shelf with the collection, and three oversize file folders are located with oversize materials.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Cresswell Town Company.
  • Current Club (Emporia, Kan.).
  • Illinois State Normal University -- Alumni and alumnae.
  • Illinois State Normal University -- Students.
  • Illinois State Normal University. Founder’s Day.
  • Kansas State Normal School -- Faculty -- Personal and professional papers.
  • Kansas State Normal School -- History.
  • Kansas State Normal School -- Presidents -- Biography.
  • Kansas State Normal School. Alumni Association.
  • Kansas State Normal School. Founder’s Day.
  • Kansas. Board of Regents.

Family Name(s)

  • Kellogg family.

Geographic Name(s)

  • Arkansas City (Kan.) -- History.
  • Arkansas City (Kan.) -- Legal affairs.
  • Arkansas City (Kan.) -- Newspapers.
  • Cowley County (Kan.) -- History.
  • Cowley County (Kan.) -- Newspapers.
  • Emporia (Kan.) -- Civic and community affairs.
  • Emporia (Kan.) -- Legal affairs.
  • Kansas -- Civic and community affairs.
  • Kansas -- Legal affairs.
  • Kansas -- Politics and government.
  • Lyon County (Kan.) -- History.
  • Lyon County (Kan.) -- Legal affairs.
  • Universities and colleges -- Kansas.

Personal Name(s)

  • Arthur, Benton.
  • Aull, Annie Mitchell.
  • Aull, Harold B.
  • Aull, William F.
  • Baker, Henry.
  • Baker, John W.
  • Baker, Mary White.
  • Cordley, Richard, 1829-1904.
  • Delaney, Dan.
  • Delaney, Mercy Beecher, 1811-1881.
  • Eckdall, Danetta Mitchell.
  • Eckdall, Jonas E.
  • Kellogg, Abbie G. Homer, 1838-1873.
  • Kellogg, Charles Mitchell, 1879-1941.
  • Kellogg, Delia Beecher, 1809-1861.
  • Kellogg, F. H., b. 1869.
  • Kellogg, Hiram Delancy, 1839-1899.
  • Kellogg, Jennie Mitchell, 1850-1911.
  • Kellogg, Joseph M. (Joseph Mitchell), b. 1885.
  • Kellogg, L. Beecher (Lyman Beecher), 1912-1997.
  • Kellogg, Lyman Beecher, 1841-1918 -- Family.
  • Kellogg, Lyman Beecher, 1841-1918 -- Notebooks, sketchbooks, etc.
  • Kellogg, Lyman Beecher, 1841-1918.
  • Kellogg, Vernon L. (Vernon Lyman), 1867-1937.
  • Mitchell, Anna Eliza Baker.
  • Mitchell, Charles Bayard, 1857-1942.
  • Mitchell, Clara Aull.
  • Mitchell, Daniel Patrick.
  • Mitchell, Dove.
  • Mitchell, Joseph T.
  • Norton, Henry Brace, 1836-1885.
  • Tanner, Mary Virginia Kellogg, 1883-1936.
  • Taylor, Albert R., 1846-1929.
  • White, William Allen, 1868-1944.


  • Arkansas City traveler (Arkansas City, Kan.: 1870-1887) -- History.
  • Attorneys general -- Kansas -- Biography.
  • Chautauquas -- Kansas.
  • College presidents -- Kansas -- Emporia.
  • College students -- Illinois -- Bloomington.
  • Commencement ceremonies -- Kansas -- Emporia.
  • Commencement ceremonies -- Kansas --Hays.
  • Education, Higher -- Kansas.
  • Frontier and pioneer life -- Kansas.
  • Judges -- Kansas -- Lyon County.
  • Land companies -- Kansas -- Arkansas City.
  • Land settlement -- Kansas -- Cowley County.
  • Lawyers -- Kansas.
  • Newspaper editors -- Kansas -- Arkansas City.
  • Newspaper publishing -- Kansas -- Arkansas City.
  • Politicians -- Kansas.
  • Practice of law -- Kansas.
  • State universities and colleges -- Kansas -- Emporia -- Administration.
  • Teachers colleges -- Illinois -- Bloomington.
  • Teachers colleges -- Kansas -- Emporia.
  • Teachers colleges -- United States -- History.
  • Women lawyers -- Kansas.

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Collection Inventory


Manuscript of “Recollections” by L. B. Kellogg, 1914. 

Box Folder

Manuscript – page from “Historical Address, on the Founding of the State Normal School,” February 15, 1910. 

2 1

Clipping – article “The Founding of the State Normal School” from Kansas Historical Collections, volume 12, 1912. 

2 2

Notebook of Lyman Beecher Kellogg and loose items removed from Notebook, undated. 

2 3

Sketches of Lyman Beecher Kellogg, 1860-1863. 

2 4

Tablet of sketches (removed from inside of Sketchbook of Lyman Beecher Kellogg, 1860-1863), undated. 

2 5

Sketch – “No. 21 Figure Drawing Drawn by Rufus Way Smith of McHenry, Ills. 1859” (removed from inside Tablet of sketches, undated) , undated. 

2 6

Sketch – “No. 6, Willow Weeping” by “Smith” (removed from inside Tablet of sketches, undated), undated. 

2 7

Notebook of Lyman Beecher Kellogg and loose items removed from notebook, 1860-1863. 

2 8

Notebook of Lyman Beecher Kellogg, 1961. 

2 9

Notebook of Lyman Beecher Kellogg and loose item removed from notebook, 1862-1864. 

2 10

Notebook – “Common Place Book” of Lyman Beecher Kellogg, 1865-1873. 

2 11

Manuscript – “Independence, a manly self reliance,” circa 1860-18964. 

2 12

Manuscript – “Newisms” (version 1), circa 1863. 

2 13

Manuscript - “Newisms” (version 2), circa 1863. 

2 14

Manuscript – “Chance expressions selected at random,” circa 1870. 

2 15

Typescript – “The Dred Scot Decision,” circa 1902.  

2 16

Typescript – “Commencement Address at Hays, Kansas,” May 29, 1912. 

2 17

Typescript – “Eugenics” (version 1), December 10, 1912. 

2 18

Typescript – “Eugenics” (version 2), circa 1912. 

2 19

Manuscript and Program – Founder’s Day Exercises at Illinois State Normal University, February 18, 1913. 

2 20

Typescript – “Founders Day Address” (given at Kansas State Normal School), February 14, 1914. 

2 21

Manuscript – “Commencement Address” (given at Kansas State Normal School) (Folder 1 of 2), June 2, 1915.  

2 22

Manuscript – “Commencement Address” (given at Kansas State Normal School) (folder 2 of 2), June 2, 1915. 

2 23

Manuscript – “Our American Merchant Marine,” November 14, 1916. 

2 24

Manuscript – “Cathedrals” by Jennie Mitchell Kellogg, June, 1897. 

2 25

Manuscript – “Story of the Kansas Constitution” by Jennie Mitchell Kellogg, circa 1890-1897. 

2 26

Manuscript – “Story of the Kansas Constitution” by Jennie Mitchell Kellogg, circa 1890-1897. 

2 27

Letter from Lyman Beecher Kellogg to Dan and Mercy Delaney, January 22, 1861. 

3 1

Letter received by Mercy Delaney at Kellogg residence in Emporia, September 23, 1877. 

3 2

Diplomas of Lyman Beecher Kellogg and Dan Delaney, 1831, 1836, 1864, 1915. 

Separated Materials note

Diplomas located in overzied drawer OS 16.

3 3

Certificate from the Sons of Temperance to Daniel Patrice Mitchell, February 2, 1852. 

3 4

News Clippings – 1881, 1905, 1926, 1937. 

Separated Materials note

News clippings located in oversized drawer OS 16.

3 6

Deed for cemetery plot from Independent Order of Odd Fellows to Anna Eliza Mitchell, December 7, 1881. 

3 5

Program – Ottawa Chautaugua Assembly, June 13-24, 1898. 

3 7

Program – Eleventh Book of the Current Clun, October 1, 1911. 

3 10

Program – Emporia, Kansas Semi-Centennial Celebration, July 3-4, 1907. 

3 8

Program – Emporia Dramatic Club Benefit for the City Federation, April 7, 1910. 

3 9

Program – Founders Day Exercises, Illinois State Normal University, February 18, 1913. 

3 11

Program – “ ‘They Counted not the Cost,’ The Memorial Program, A New Era for KSN,” December 1, 1922. 

Separated Materials note

Located in oversize drawer OS 16.

3 12

Books – 1968, 1895, 1903, 1905, 1907, 1915. 

3 13

Tintypes – Lyman Beecher Kellogg, circa 1853. 

3 14

Photographs – Lyman Beecher Kellogg, circa 1865-1936, Spring 1864, circa 1864, circa 1864-1905, circa 1905-1911, circa1905-1906, 1907, 1908, circa 1908-1918, 1916. 

3 15

Print from a framed tintype – Delia Beecher Kellogg, undated. 

3 16

Print from a photograph – Hiram Kellogg, Jr. and Family, undated. 

3 17

Photographs – Vernon L. Kellogg at Stanford, circa 1894-1920. 

3 18

Print and photographs – Fred Kellogg, Hattie McCague Kellogg, undated. 

3 19

Photographs and prints – Jennie Mitchell Kellogg, undated.  

Separated Materials note

Photographs located in oversized drawer OS 16.

3 20

Photographs – Jennie Mitchell Kellogg, undated, circa 1890, 1898, 1900. 

Separated Materials note

Photographs located in oversized drawer OS 16.

3 21

Photographs – Interior of Lyman Beecher Kellogg’s home at 803 Mechanic Street, Emporia, circa 1875-1911. 

3 22

Print – Rev. Henry Baker and wife, undated. 

3 23

Photographs and tintypes – Daniel Patrick Mitchell and Anna Eliza Baker Mitchell, undated, 1880. 

3 24

Photographs – John W. Baker and Mary White Bakers, undated. 

3 25

Print from a photograph – Benton Arthur, undated. 

3 26

Prints from photographs – Children of Lyman Beecher Kellogg and Jennie Mitchel Kellogg with neighbor children, undated. 

3 27

Photographs and tintype – Mary Virginia Kellogg Tanner, circa 1883, 1884, circa 1884-1904, 1904, 1915, 1922-1925, 1925. 

3 28

Christmas card, photographs, prints, programs, tintypes – Charles Bayard Mitchell, Annie Mitchell Aull, Clara Aull Mitchell, William Aull, Sr., Harold B. Aull, undated, 1877, 1879, 1894, 1937, 1938. 

3 29

Prints from photographs – Joseph T. Mitchell, undated. 

3 30

Photographs – Dove Mitchell, undated. 

3 31

Photographs – Daneta Mitchel Eckdall and Jonas E. Eckdall, undated, 1929. 

3 32

Print from a photograph – Annie Mitchell Aull, undated. 

3 33

Photocopies from photograph album – L. Beecher Kellogg, Lyman Beecher Kellogg, 1914. 

3 34

Photographs – unidentified scenes, undated. 

3 35

Wallet of Lyman Beecher Kellogg, undated. 

3 36

Silver pocket watch case, 1885.