L. Harold Caldwell Papers

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Emporia State University Special Collections and Archives
Caldwell, L. Harold (Lewis Harold), 1897-1983.
L. Harold Caldwell Papers
Circa 1972-1996, (Bulk 1972-1978)
5.25 Linear feet
Filmstrips, audiocassettes, slides, letters, and copyright information about the “Kolorful Kansas” collection produced by L. Harold Caldwell, circa 1973-1978.

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The L. Harold Caldwell Papers, Emporia State University Archives, Emporia State University.

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Biographical/Historical note

L. Harold Caldwell Papers

Lewis Harold Caldwell was born October 16, 1897, and died June 16, 1983. He graduated from high school in Moran, Kansas, and from Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia in 1920 with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree, with a major in Manual Training/Industrial Arts and a minor in Mathematics. At Kansas State Teachers College he was active in many organizations, including the Y.M.C.A. Cabinet and Quartet, the Democracy Club, Mathematics Club, Glee Club, Beta Alpha Tau fraternity, Pi Kappa Delta (national honorary forensic fraternity), World Outlook Club, Kappa Delta Pi (honorary educational fraternity), served on the Sunflower staff, and on the C. of E. Debate team. His senior year he served as President of the Democracy Club and Vice President of the Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, which also selected him to serve as a delegate to the Y.M.C.A. Convention in Estes Park, Colorado. Lucile Howard, who became Harold’s wife, graduated from Kansas State Teachers College in 1921. Lucile majored in Public Music and participated in the Y.W.C.A., Delta Sigma Epsilon, and sang in the chorus. Lucile and Harold had two sons, George H. and Donald J. Lucile passed away November 19, 1990.

Harold continued his education by earning a Master of Arts degree from Columbia University. He taught at Elmdale (Kansas) High School in 1920, became Superintendent in 1923, and later worked as Principal of elementary schools in Holton and Wichita. He taught at Keene Teachers College in New Hampshire before returning to Kansas in 1947 as Director of Audio-Visual Education and Photography at Kansas State College of Pittsburg. He served as an education consultant for Frank Bangs Company of Wichita, as Director of Elementary Education for Sedgwick County, and worked for the Kansas Department of Education.

Harold spent more than 50 years in education-related enterprises, including 20 years as owner of Kolorful Kansas Films, a home-based business he operated in Wichita, Kansas. He was also elected to the Board of Directors of the Kansas Wildflower Society on October 13, 1979. In 1981 he received a plaque from the National Audio-Visual Association in recognition of his contributions to the use of audio-visual aids in education.

“Kolorful Kansas” Films

Harold Caldwell began taking color pictures of Kansas in the late 1930s. Following his retirement from the Kansas education system, he converted that hobby into a home-based business. Kolorful Kansas Films was created as an attempt to prevent what Harold called “Kansas Day Syndrome,” which was his perception that Kansas schoolchildren were only taught about their state when it was time to celebrate Kansas Day in January. Kolorful Kansas films covered many subjects, including history, art, science, famous people, and emblems. Harold was responsible for the photography used in the filmstrips, wrote the accompanying scripts, and produced the programs; more than 40 titles were created.

In 1977 Harold began considering leaving the film business to his alma mater, now Emporia State University, upon the event of his death. In 1983 Emporia State University’s instructional media center began operating Kolorful Kansas Films. The proceeds of this business supported a scholarship fund for students interested in instructional media. The series consisted of filmstrips and audiocassettes created for either primary or upper elementary-age children, which were reproduced and sold to schools as requested. Emporia State University operated Kolorful Kansas Films from approximately 1983-1992. Scholarships from the fund created by this donation continue to be issued by the Emporia State University Endowment Association.

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Scope and Contents note

This collection contains many of the master filmstrips and audio reels created for Kolorful Kansas Films as well as some sets that would have been sold and distributed to schools and other purchasers. Order forms for these items are included. Also includes correspondence (circa 1972-1978) from Harold Caldwell to Don and Raymond Balousek of Producers Color Service, Inc., the company which created the filmstrips from slides provided by Mr. Caldwell. Certificates of copyright registration from the Library of Congress for sound recordings and photographs are included for some titles. Copies of scripts and the slides used for individual titles are together as arranged in notebooks received from Emporia State University’s Technology & Computing Services (TCS) office. Copies of newspaper articles and other sources gathered for research are included, as well as 2 computer disks containing slides and scripts from the series on the Pawnee Tribe. Includes 2 hand-held filmstrip viewers.

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Arrangement note

The collection is organized primarily by film series and title. Scripts and slides are housed in the same file folder, master filmstrips are in two boxes, and school kits are in two boxes. The school kits were originally received in individual boxes – audiocassette and filmstrip for one title in each box – with a sticker inside each box that read “Alumni gift, Class of 1920. Kolorful Kansas Films, L. Harold Caldwell, producer, 1306 N. Vassar, Wichita, Kansas 67208. W/ Lucile Howard Caldwell. July 4, 1976.” 7-inch audio reels are in one box while 3-inch and 5-inch audio reels are in the same box. One box houses audiocassettes and filmstrips that do not fit into any other category. These audiocassettes consist mainly of materials used to produce the final product, including script narrations and folk songs performed by Jay Jones, Bill Koch, and Joan O’Bryant. The filmstrips are not master copies; included are 5 for titles that aren’t represented by school kits, one titled “Teacher Preparation for Class Session,” and one titled “Autumn Safari” which showcases the Caldwell family. Many of the slides for incomplete or miscellaneous projects were received in separate slide boxes but are housed together. A red line on the slide page indicates where each box ended and began. Folders with the word “file” in their title are identified as marked on the original folder received from TCS.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Emporia State University Special Collections and Archives September 2005

1200 Commercial St
Campus Box 4051
Emporia, KS, 66801
(620) 341-6431

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Related Materials

Related Archival Materials note

Harold Caldwell is represented in Sunflower yearbooks from 1917 and 1919-1920; Lucile Howard from 1919-1921. A  Bulletin article in the September 22, 1983, edition announces ESU’s acquisition of the “Kolorful Kansas” film business following the death of Harold Caldwell. Harold’s obituary is available via microfilm at the William Allen White Library (  Wichita Eagle-Beacon, June 18 and 21, 1983). The Normaliana collection contains a file of letters from Howard Caldwell to Percy Young, dated circa 1971-1983. This file (NB:2c) also includes 2 photographs and some newspaper clippings. Information about Percy Young can be found in a 1972  Spotlight article noting his being honored as a Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, and in the 1920-1922  Sunflowers.

Separated Materials note

1 oversize file folder located in the basement oversize drawer OS 1.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Emporia State University. Instructional Media Center.
  • Kansas State Normal School -- Alumni and alumnae.
  • Kansas State Normal School -- Students.
  • Kolorful Kansas Films.

Personal Name(s)

  • Caldwell, Lucile Howard, -1990.


  • Kansas -- Study and teaching --Audio-visual aids.
  • Teachers -- Kansas.
  • Teaching -- Aids and devices.

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Collection Inventory


Box Folder

Filmstrip- “Autumn Safari,” undated. 

1 1


Box Folder

Photocopy- About web site, “Learner’s Guide to Kansas,” undated. 

1 2

Papers- Including information about web site, “Kansas Database,” undated. 

1 3

“Santa Fe Chronicles,” undated. 

1 4

Book- Santa Fe Trail Trivia compiled by Leo E. Oliva and Bonita M. Oliva, 3rd ed., 1989. 

1 5

Slides- Miscellaneous, including architecture, tombstones, Flinthills Mall, and the Kansas Capitol building, undated. 

1 6

Slides - Artwork, undated. 

1 7

Slides- Cartoon graphics about good health, undated. 

1 8

Slides- “Classification: What Does it Mean to Kansans?” undated. 

1 9

Slides- Emporia, Kansas, businesses, undated. 

1 10

Slides- Emporia State University, undated. 

1 11

Slides- World flags, undated. 

1 12

Slides- Miscellaneous and Rome, Kansas, undated. 

1 13

Slides- Miscellaneous and Topeka, Kansas, undated. 

1 14

General Information 

Box Folder

5 negative strips and miscellaneous paperwork, undated. 

1 15

Print and Poster Information file, undated. 

1 16

Letter and slides- Written to Karen Kirk from Mary McCaffrey regarding photographic prints loaned by the Kansas Division of Travel, Tourism and Film Services, September 23, 1986. 

1 17

Correspondence between Kay Shireman and Dick Keller regarding Channel 8 “Master Tapes,” June 1995. 

1 18

Information about copyright, “Kolorful Kansas” collection file- Including letter to media specialists from J. W. Brinkman announcing it’s availability through ESU following the death of Harold Caldwell, undated. 

1 19

Information about copyright, “Kolorful Kansas” collection file- Including letter from Kay Shireman to Don Balousec regarding the transfer of filmstrips from Producers Color Service, Inc., to ESU, undated, 1996. 

1 20

Information about copyright, “Kolorful Kansas” collection file- Including order forms and correspondence from L. H. Caldwell to Producers Color Service, Inc., undated, 1971-1978. 

1 21

Information about copyright, “Kolorful Kansas” collection file- Certificates of registration of a claim to copyright for published sound recordings, photographs, and audiovisual materials, 1973-1978. 

1 22

Series and Titles 

Box Folder

Art Series. Birger Sandzen: Kansas Artist. Upper elementary, undated. 

1 23

Art Series. Depression Art: Kansas Murals. Upper elementary/secondary, undated. 

1 24

Papers- Including list of New Deal Art in Kansas Postoffices, undated. 

1 25

“Guide to Depression Art Murals,” undated. 

1 26

Emblems of Kansas Series. Buffalo. Primary elementary, undated. 

2 27

Emblems of Kansas Series. Buffalo. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 28

Emblems of Kansas Series. Meadowlark. Primary elementary, undated. 

2 29

Emblems of Kansas Series. Meadowlark. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 30

Emblems of Kansas Series. State Flag and Banner. Primary elementary, undated. 

2 31

Emblems of Kansas Series. State Flag and Banner. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 32

Emblems of Kansas Series. Sunflower. Primary elementary, undated. 

2 33

Emblems of Kansas Series. Sunflower. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 34

Emblems of Kansas Series. Great Seal. Primary elementary, undated. 

2 35

Emblems of Kansas Series. Great Seal. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 36

Emblems of Kansas Series. Cottonwood. Primary elementary, undated. 

2 37

Emblems of Kansas Series. Cottonwood. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 38

Geology Series. Chalk Rock Country: Kansas Carved Canyons. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 39

Geology Series. Kansas Fossils: Dinosaurs, Other Fossils. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 40

Geology Series. Rocks & Minerals: Hobby Collections. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 41

Geology Series. Rocks & Minerals: Industrial Uses 1. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 42

Geology Series. Rocks & Minerals: Industrial Uses 2. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 43

History Series. Early Aircraft: Kansas 1908-1920’s. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 44

History Series. Ghost Towns: Eastern Kansas. Upper elementary, n.d. undated. 

2 45

History Series. Ghost Towns: Western Kansas. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 46

History Series. Indian Life: Pawnee Tribe. Primary elementary, undated. 

2 47

History Series. Indian Life: Pawnee Tribe. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 48

History Series. Pictorial History: Of Kolorful Kansas. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 49

Kansas Myth Series. Our Bird Myth: The Jayhawk. Primary elementary, undated. 

2 50

Kansas Myth Series. Our Mythical Bird: The Jayhawk. Upper elementary, undated. 

2 51

Book- The Mythical Jayhawk by Kirke Mechem, 1967. 

2 52

Music Series. Folksongs of Kansas: Chingly Chan. Upper elementary/secondary, undated. 

2 53

Music Series. Folksongs of Kansas: Cowboy Trails. Upper elementary/secondary, undated. 

2 54

Music Series. Folksongs of Kansas: Pioneer Days. Upper elementary/secondary, undated. 

2 55

Music Series. Home on the Range: Evolution of a Folk Song. Upper elementary/secondary, undated. 

2 56

Book- The Story of Home on the Range by Kirke Mechem reprint, 1969. 

2 57

Music Series. Horizon Extravaganzas: Kansas Sunrises & Sunsets. Upper elementary/secondary, undated. 

2 58

Music Series. Sounds of the Seasons: Kansas Thru the Year. Upper elementary/secondary, undated. 

2 59

Our State Capitol Series. Kansas Capitol: Decorative Features. Upper elementary, undated. 

3 60

Our State Capitol Series. Kansas Capitol: Steps in Construction. Upper elementary, undated. 

3 61

Our State Capitol Series. Kansas Capitol: A Trip Through. Upper elementary, undated. 

3 62

Wild Life Series. Kansas Birds: Migratory. Upper elementary, undated. 

3 63

Wild Life Series. Kansas Birds: Waterfowl. Upper elementary, undated. 

3 64

Wild Life Series. Kansas Birds: Year Around. Upper elementary, undated. 

3 65

Wild Life Series. Kansas Mammals: Carnivorous. Upper elementary, undated. 

3 66

Wild Life Series. Kansas Mammals: Herbivorous, Large. Upper elementary, undated. 

3 67

Wild Life Series. Kansas Mammals: Herbivorous, Small. Upper elementary, undated. 

3 68

Wild Life Series. Kansas Mammals: Insectivorous. Upper elementary, undated. 

3 69

Unfinished Projects 

Box Folder

Ideas in Progress file. [OS 1, 2005.16] 

3 70

Bees file. 

3 71

Slides- Bees on flowers. 

3 72

Cowboys file. 

3 73

Kansas file. 

3 74

Kansas file. 

3 75

Kansas file. 

3 76

W. A. White file. 

3 77

Wheat file. 

3 78

Wheat file. 

3 79

Slides- Wheat and Bees. 

3 80

Slides- Wheat, bakery pictures. 

3 81

Slides- Wheat. 

3 82

Slides- Wheat (in progress). 

3 83

Slides- Wheat. 

3 84

Wildflowers file. 

3 85

Slides- Flowers and wildflowers, undated. 

3 86

Slides- Miscellaneous, undated. 

3 87

Master filmstrips- Art, Emblems, Geology, and History Series. 


Master filmstrips- Myth, Music, Capitol, and Wild Life Series. 


School kits (filmstrip and audiocassette)- Art, Emblems, Geology, and History Series. 


School kits (filmstrip and audiocassette)- Myth, Music, Capitol, and Wild Life Series. 


Miscellaneous audiocassettes and filmstrips. 

Mixed materials   8
Graphic materials   8


7-inch audio reels. 


3-inch and 5-inch audio reels. 


2 hand-held filmstrip viewers.