Nuclear Techniques, CH745/PH645, Summer 2012

Instructor:  Eric L. Trump, Ph.D.
July 12- 30, 2010,  3 credit hours

The Nuclear Techniques course is a lecture and laboratory course that covers the nature and rates of radioactive decay, the interaction of radiation with matter, radiation safety, radon in homes, measurement of radioactivity, and useful applications of radioactive isotopes. The course include a one-day field trip to the research reactor at Kansas State University in Manhattan.

Nuclear Science and Radiation Safety, CH700/PH700XA

Instructor:  Eric L. Trump, Ph.D.
July 2-26, 2012, 2 credit hours

This course is web-based and includes all of the previous topics but has no on-campus laboratory activities or field trips. 


The required textbook for both courses is Modern Nuclear Chemistry, by Loveland, Morrisey, and Seaborg, , 2006, Published by Wiley-Interscience.  ISBN 978-0-471-11532-8

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