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The ESU Geology Museum has recently been renamed the Johnston Geology Museum in honor of Dr. Paul Johnston for his 38 years of dedication to the Earth Sciences Department and the University as a whole. He was responsible for starting the museum and has been director, curator, collector and jack-of-all-trades for the museum since its inception. The image above shows Paul doing what he did best -- teach. He did not limit this combination of teaching and field trips to university classes. Paul led trips for such diverse groups as the ESU geology club, the Boy Scouts, Elderhostel, the Kansas Academy of Sciences, and the Kansas Earth Science Teachers Association. The museum is an enduring legacy of his dedication and will continue to help teach everyone who visits it long after his retirement.

Location: ESU Cram Science Hall, 14th and Merchant St.

Hours: 8:00 am-10:00 pm Monday-Friday & 8:00 am-noon Saturday (when the university is in session).

Admission: Free

Arrangements: Departments of Physical Sciences, (620) 341-5330

You can see a western Kansas Cretaceous mosasaur, a giant ground sloth, a mastodon tusk plus other displays in the ESU Geology Museum. The museum contains geological specimens predominantly from Kansas. Included among the 45 displays in the museum are the world famous Hamilton Quarry Fossil Assemblage, the Tri-State Mining Display, petrified tree stumps, and the Hawkins and the Calkins Indian Artifact Collections.

Virtual Tour of the Museum  

Evaporite Minerals Selenite Crystals Crystal Structure Display
Fluorescent Minerals Indian Artifacts Tri-State Minerals
Mastodon Bones & Tusks Cenozoic Fossils Giant Sloth
Sedimentary Structures Plant Fossils Cretaceous Fish
Mosasaur Cretaceous Fossils Fossilization Display
Brachiopods Cephalopods Gastropods
Pelecypods Echinoderms Paleozoic Corals
Hamilton Quarry Fossils

For more information, contact:

Michael Morales, Director of the Johnston Geology Museum 316-341-5978

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