National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Ithaca College

March 31-April 2, 2011

Synthesis of a Potential Coumarin-Based Li+ Selective Fluoroionophore

Ian S. Armstrong, John A. Milligan and Diane Nutbrown


Why does lithium work against bipolar disorder? An investigation into the fluorescence of lithium-complexing ionophores

Autumn Frater, John Milligan, Ian Armstrong, Michelle Perry and Diane Nutbrown

241st National Meeting of the ACS, Anaheim, CA

March 27-31, 2011

Design and synthesis of coumarin-based lithium fluoroionophores

John A. Milligan, Ian S. Armstrong and Diane L. Nutbrown

Microwave syntheses and spectral characterization of coumarin-based Li+ fluoroionophores

Michelle C. Perry and Diane L. Nutbrown

REU Poster Session at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

August 4, 2010

Fluorescent Sensors for Ethylene Detection: Anthracene-Based Ag(I)-Selective Fluoroionophores

Caitlyn Bowman and Diane Nutbrown

Design and Synthesis of Coumarin-Based Li+ Fluorescent Probes: A molecular approach to determining the role of lithium in bipolar treatments

John A. Milligan and Diane L. Nutbrown

Probing the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder: Microwave Syntheses and Spectral Characterization of Coumarin-Based Li+ Fluoroionophores

Michelle C. Perry and Diane L. Nutbrown

Potential Li+ fluorescent probe: Synthesis of 1,7-diaza-12-crown-4 substituted coumarin derivative

Cameron Stevens and Diane Nutbrown