What Can You Do With A Gourd?!?


I only thought you could make bird houses, but when I started browsing the internet for gourds, I found a lot more!
Here's what I've created so far...

Lizard design on Gourd   More Lizard Design on Gourd

Lizard design on Groud, too

The above gourd only worked because of a lot of accidents.  I had hoped to have interlocking lizards
(design borrowed from M. C. Escher) in even rows around the center of the gourd.  But as I traced
the lizards onto the gourd, the pattern dipped.  I continued, and amazingly the design ended up
where it began!!  Even more than that, I alternated colors on the lizards, and that worked evenly as well!
So then I needed a lid.  The design of the lizards prevented having a regular round lid.  I decided on a
leaf-shaped lid, but what leaf?  Finally, I chose a GOURD leaf.  It is a broad leaf with little spikey points
along the edge of the leaf with the stem of the gourd acting as the stem of the leaf.  I'm very happy with the
outcome of this gourd.  I used Fiebring leather dye to color the gourd, and will soon wax the outside
with Johnson's Floor Paste and coat the interior with melted parafin (because this gourd will be going to
a humid climate).  7-25-2001

Chip Carved Gourd

I learned how to chip carve at the 2000 World's Largest Gourd Festival in Ohio.
I also learned how to sew pine needles onto the edge of gourd bowls.
October, 2000


Gourd for Fern

This is a vase I made for Grandma.  I cleaned it and waxed it with floor wax.  The inside has melted parafin soaked into the interior to make it waterproof.  The exterior has some braided linen, beads and gourd seeds as decoration.  7-17-99


Loud GourdAnother Loud Gourd

These are very loud instruments called Shekerie


Cat on GourdMore Cat on a Gourd

This is the front and back of a cat vase.  I think I would like to cut off
the neck part to make a bowl vase, but I haven't done it yet.  It's
very hard to put it back once you cut it off.  I wood burned the designs.


Fancy Lizard on a Gourd

This gourd was created in January 2000.  It is not an original design, and the lighting is not right in the photo, but I like it.
It is a series of four intertwining lizards.  I initially painted the center of the lizards dark green, but once the finish was applied, it looked black.  So I added green glitter.  The black spaces between the lizards is cut out of the gourd.  The interior of the gourd is painted black.


Butterfly GourdMore Butterfly Gourd

This gourd was created March 2000.  The scallaped lid looks like a sunflower laying face down when it is on the bowl.  The inside of the lid looks like the right side of a sunflower.  The bowl is painted green with a marbled look inside and out.  There are three decoupaged butterflies on the outside, and one on the inside of the lid.  The lesson I learned:  It was elegant until I put a semi-gloss polyurathane finish on it - then it looked plastic.

Butterfly Gourd

3 Birdhouses

Birdhouses made in June/July 2000.  Learned a great lesson of soaking the gourd once the hole is drilled.
This is very helpful in getting the inside cleaned with a spoon, and by using an orange, plastic scratchy scrubber,
getting the outside clean.  These are finished with 2 coats of Johnson's Floor Paste.  And the purchased 1 1/4 inch
drill bit was wonderful in getting the holes neatly cut.


My Home BirdhouseMore Gourd Birdhouses

Ok, the first gourds I decorated.  At the time, I had no idea how much more you could do with a gourd.


Gourd Craft by Ginger Summit

This book, "The Complete Book of Gourd Craft", by Ginger Summit, is an excellent book.  I got many of my ideas here and by browsing the internet.  You can purchase the book at  www.amazon.com  or check it out with interlibrary loan.

Why Cats Paint

Another extremely interesting book is "Why Cats Paint".  The book is humorous and leaves me not knowing what is real and how much the authors are yanking my chain.  Also available at  www.amazon.com  or via interlibrary loan.

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