My "Gourdeous" Garden


Here are some digital images from my new hobby - growing gourds.

New Gourd House

My "new" Gourd House  6-7-2001

Gourd House North View

North view of Gourd House  6-7-2001

South View of Gourd House

South view of gourd house  June 22, 2001
Just starting to bloom.

Gourd House

Gourd House on 7-10-2001.  With 100-105 degree temperatures, I'm watering to the top of the 5 gallon container
three times a day.


7-10-2001  Inside the Gourd House


Patty (me) in front of the Gourd House.  7-25-2001


Nothing to do with gourds, these are my pet turtles:  Snapper on the left, Painted on the right.  7-10-2001



This is a very nice book about how to grow gourds, by Ginger Summit.
You can purchase it at  or check it out via interlibrary loan.

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