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Reunion on August 20, 2006

Riggs Reunion 2006

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Riggs Reunion names 2006

Minutes of the 2006 78th Annual Riggs Reunion

We welcomed forty members and friends of the J. D. Riggs’ family who enjoyed a basket dinner at the Burns Community Center, Burns, Kansas on August 20, 2006 for the 78th annual J. D. Riggs reunion. After a group picture was taken, the invocation was given by Calvin Schmidt. Dale Riggs and Lela Heacock led the group in the doxology.

After lunch, the business meeting was called to order by President, Diann Dewey. Each person attending introduced themselves and their spouse and told their line of ancestors. Minutes from last year were read by Reta Cox, secretary. Richard Riggs moved and Dale Riggs seconded that minutes be approved. Motion carried. There was a motion tabled from last year to change the traditional date for the Riggs’ Reunion from the third Sunday in August to the last Sunday in July because of school starting earlier in the year. Ballots were mailed out with this year’s invitation. Votes received by mail tallied 41 to change to July with 4 to leave it in August. Votes taken at the meeting were 37 in favor of changing to July; 2 for August. Meeting will be changed to the last Sunday in July. There was a suggestion from Judy Riggs to change meeting day from Sunday to Saturday, but with the upcoming 80th reunion to be held soon, no further action was taken. It was moved by Dawna Schmidt and seconded by Loren Cox to pay $75.00 to the Burns Community Center for rental of the building. Motion carried. Treasurer’s report was given stating that there was an 8/31/2005 balance of $170.00, donations 8/20/2006 of $145.00 by free will offering; expenses: $78.00 postage, $75.00 rental, $51.00 card stock and labels leaving a cash balance of $111.00. Ronnie Goodwin moved to approve the report. It was seconded by Wanda Howard. Motion carried. The secretary reported that 136 emails had been sent out and 176 invitations were mailed. Reta Cox asked if anyone knew of address, phone number or email changes to please notify one of the officers so that corrections could be made in the Riggs’ Directory. It was moved by Ronnie Goodwin and seconded by Esther Henderson to retain the current officers. Motion carried. Patty Delmott reported on the web site. Gifts were given to: the oldest person attending the reunion who was Mrs. Mildred Riggs, 97, Newton; Ainsley Charest, 17 month old daughter of Aaron and Ashley Howard Charest, the youngest member; and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Riggs, Amarillo, TX, for coming the farthest distance. Those who have passed away during the last year are Juanita Moss, Opal Vincent, Lynn Krajnik, Verna Vincent, Marion Jackson and Mrs. Charles Jackson. Viola Erwin, Ruby Herrick’s daughter, had also passed away. The meeting for the 79th annual reunion will be held in Burns, Kansas at the Burns Community Center on July 29, 2007. The 80th reunion is also being planned for July 26-27, 2008. A committee was appointed by the President to work on the 80th reunion. The committee consists of: Patty Delmott, Emporia, Esther Henderson, Wichita, Sheryl Bartlett, Wichita and Annette Wrigley, Boise, Idaho. Dale Riggs and Lela Heacock led a Riggs’ song, The Riggs Go Marching On.

A Family/Friendship Plate with a dozen donuts was given as a door prize. Ainsley Charest drew out Danny Howard’s name. The plate should be filled with goodies of some sort and passed to a family member or friend throughout the year. It is to be brought back to next year’s reunion with goodies for someone else.

Cards were passed around to sign for Virgil Moore, Newton, whose 90th birthday will be Sept. 1 and B. W. and Jeanne Boyer who will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was also announced that Leona Woker Preston, Dodge City, will celebrate her 85th birthday with an open house the Saturday after Thanksgiving this year.

Patty Delmott had made arrangements for the Burns Museum to be open if anyone was interested in going over to the old school house. Several people enjoyed seeing pictures and articles from our ancestors.

Dawna Schmidt moved meeting adjourned. Dale Riggs seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Those present were: Dale and Sandy Riggs, Amarillo, Texas; Carl and Reta Cox, Plano, Texas; Corky and Diann Dewey, Dillon Dewey, Nathan Waters, Abby Waters, Savannah, Missouri; Doris Riggs, Valley Center; Cindy and Art Walker, Charles and Lela Heacock, Esther Henderson, Elizabeth Riggs, Lola Jackson, Wichita; Mildred Riggs, Loren and Mildred Cox, Newton; Jim and Wanda Howard, Derby; Dan Howard, Chaney Howard and Judy Albrecht, Goddard; Richard Riggs and Steven Cowley, Overland Park; Betty Bryant and Judy Riggs, Winfield; Ron and Fern Goodwin, Burns; Reva Goodwin, Calvin and Dawna Schmidt, Patty Delmott, Ernie and Ruby Herrick and Cheryl Alvarado, Emporia; Ashley and Ainsley Charest, Topeka. There were 11 from Joseph Riggs’ Family, 7 from Calvin Riggs’ Family, 21 from Henry Riggs’ Family and 1 Guest—totaling 40 present.

PRESS RELEASE SUBMITTED 8-26-2006 TO: Wichita Eagle, Emporia Gazette, Hillsboro Star Journal, Hillsboro Free Press, Marion County Record, Chase County Leader-News and Peabody Gazette.

If you find this article in your newspaper, please send it to me. Thank you!

Invitation to 2006 Riggs Reunion

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

Burns, KS Community Center


My, how time does fly!!! Another August will soon be here and time for the Riggs family to gather together to catch up on news from near and far. Hopefully, there will be a lot of Riggs’ who will be able to attend. This year, for our 78th Annual Riggs Reunion we will join together at the Burns Community Center in Burns, Kansas on Sunday, August 20th, 2006. The Center will be open at 9:30 AM with coffee, juice and rolls. The basket dinner will be at 1:00 P.M. Drinks will be provided and please remember to bring your own table service.

RSVP to Reta Cox at the above address or phone. Please leave a message on the answering machine if no one is available, or my email address is:

I realize that each of us have very busy schedules and it is easier sometimes to just stay home or do something else, but we are a GREAT family and I know I always leave the reunion feeling very glad that I made the effort to attend. It is that one day a year I can visit with family that I only see once a year and it’s well worth the effort!! Our family becomes more important with each passing year.

We continue to make a concentrated effort to keep the Riggs’ family information updated and to obtain all email addresses for family members or interested parties. Please be sure to send us any corrections, changes or additions to mailing addresses, phone numbers or email addresses that we may not have or any genealogy information which includes FULL legal names, dates and location of births, deaths, marriages, divorces, adoptions for each person in the family, spouse(s) and children, etc. We want to keep these listings current so there will not be so much work for our 80th anniversary. In case we have missed someone in this mailing, please share your invitation with everybody in your family and bring them along to the reunion. We would love for you to share copies of any pictures or family stories with us. You may bring these with you when you attend the reunion or mail them to me and I will forward them to the appropriate person.

Please bring your scrapbooks or anything from your ancestors that you would like for other family members to see on Sunday.

We have family members who are School Teachers and Students. Different states have different school year schedules. Some run as late as the end of June. Some start in early August. In an attempt to encourage more of our Family Members to attend the reunion, it was proposed at last year’s reunion that we move the traditional date.

A motion was made to change the date of the traditional annual J.D. & Lucinda Riggs family reunion from the third Sunday in August to the third Sunday in July.

This motion was tabled to allow the vote to be taken at the next annual reunion and for the provision that non-attending family members be permitted to vote by submitting a written and signed vote FOR or AGAINST the proposal. (Vote in person or Print lower portion of this form, Mark, Sign and Mail)



(Circle one of the above.)

Signed_____________________________ Number of household members____________

PLEASE RETURN BY AUGUST 10, 2006 to Reta R. Cox, Secretary, Riggs Reunion, 2540 Indian Hills, Plano, TX 75075


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