Descendents of James Daughtery and Lucinda Barker Riggs

Reunion on August 15, 2004

Riggs Reunion 2004

Riggs Relatives who attended the 2004, 76th annual Riggs Reunion in Burns, KS.

Minutes of the 76th Annual Riggs’ Reunion

A basket dinner was enjoyed at the Burns Community Center, Burns, Kansas on August 15, 2004 for the 76th annual J. D. Riggs reunion. Invocation was given by Calvin Schmidt and one of the Riggs’ songs, Riggs Go Marching On, was led by Dale Riggs.

After lunch, the business meeting was called to order by President, Diann Dewey. Minutes from last year were read by Sheryl Bartlett and approved. Treasurer, Reta Cox, reported that 300 invitations to the reunion were mailed out, nine invitations were returned for incorrect addresses and expenses of about $150 including postage, card stock and table decorations. A free will offering was collected. Reta Cox asked if anyone knew the correct addresses for the returned mail to notify one of the officers so that corrections could be made in the Riggs’ Directory. It was decided to notify family members for next year’s reunion by email if they had it available, but to mail out invitations to those who did not have email addresses. This would help cut expenses. If a member had not been notified by July 15th, they should contact Diann Dewey, Sheryl Bartlett or Reta Cox. The meeting for the 77th annual reunion will be held in Burns, Kansas at the Burns Community Center on the 3rd Sunday of August 2005. It was moved by Esther Henderson to retain the current officers. Loren Cox seconded the motion and instructed that a unanimous vote be cast. Motion carried.

Patty Delmott told us about the new Riggs Web Site and her plans for it. She has done a great job setting this up.

Several members were recognized and given a table decoration to take home. They were as follows: oldest and youngest blood line present from each clan: Betty Beltz and Asher Delmott from the Joseph Riggs family, Loren Cox and Cindy Rezac from the Calvin Riggs family and Reva Goodwin and Connor Keating from the Henry Riggs family. Elizabeth Riggs was the oldest present. Connor Keating was the youngest present. Gladys Riggs, Odessa, Texas had come the farthest distance. First time member in attendance was: Monte Smith and Norman Johnson.

Dale Riggs and Cheryl Turner sang a couple of songs: When the Roll Is Called up Yonder and Send the Light. Dale led the group in another Riggs’ song, The Riggs’ Family Flag.

Meeting was adjourned.

Those present were: Gladys Riggs, Dale and Sandy Riggs, Cheryl Turner and Carl and Reta Cox, Texas; Corky and Dianne Dewey and Abby and Nathan Waters, Missouri; Gary and Sheryl Bartlett, Charles and Lela Heacock, Norman Johnson, Esther Henderson, Elizabeth Riggs, Cindy Rezac, Wichita; Loren and Mildred Cox, Newton; Don and Sharon Kind, Salina; Don and Betty Bryant and Judy Riggs, Winfield; Jim and Betty Beltz and Monte Smith, Nickerson; Todd Smith, Burrton; Calvin and Dawna Schmidt, Randall Schmidt and Heidi Morrison, Moundridge; Connor Keating, Halstead; Patt y, Skyler and Asher Delmott, Ernie and Ruby Herrick and Cheryl and Briana Alvarado, Emporia; Kelly, Meghann and Joel Greene, Topeka; and Ron and Fern Goodwin and Reva Goodwin, Burns, Kansas.

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