Descendents of James Daughtery and Lucinda Barker Riggs

Reunion on August 16-17, 2003

[Tablecloth]     [Tablecloth 2]

New tablecloth with a Riggs family tree on it. Relatives were asked to sign the tablecloth as a remembrance for future generations.

[Shirt Front]     [Shirt Back]

The front of the shirt had photos of James D. and Lucinda Riggs.

The back of the shirt had the same family tree design as the tablecloth.

[Table Decorations]     [Genealogy on the Wall]

The table decorations even had photos of J. D. and Lucinda Riggs on them.

Genealogy was posted along the entire wall. Relatives could find themselves on the charts.

[Hot Food Table]     [Salad Table]     [Dessert Table]

There was lots of great food to eat.

[People Eating]     [Joseph Relatives]

We pretty much filled up the Burns Community Building.

The Joseph relatives wore light blue shirts.

[Reuben Relatives]     [Zoe & Gail Jenson]

The Reuben relatives wore red shirts.

The John Willis relatives (Zoe Riggs Jenson and daughter, Gail) wore pink.

[Yellow-Green Relatives]     [Henry Relatives]

The Calvin Riggs relatives wore yellow or green shirts. The Cox’s are also on the Henry side of the family (dark blue shirts).

The Henry relatives outnumber all the other relatives and wore dark blue shirts.

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