Old Friends Cemetery

Latitude 38.420209, Longitude 96.369345
1/2 mile west of the Lyon/Chase County line, in Kansas on Road 180, north side of the road.

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Photos contributed by Carri Maioriello,  kehkeh1@aol.com

John & Abigail Morgan

John and Abigail (Moore) Morgan, married 14 Aug 1851 Deep River Monthly Meeting, Builford Co., NC

John B Morgan      Abigail Morgan & daughters

John Morgan, born 29 Sep 1828, Lost Creek, Jefferson Co., TN

Ina (23 Oct 1870 - 20 Mar 1954); Alice (29 Jan 1867 - 12 Feb 1935); Kopie (?)
Hulda (12 Dec 1863 - Dec 1950); Kate (07 Feb 1860 - Dec 1942); Birdie (27 Mar 1874 - 10 Jun 1957);
Abigail Morgan, (b 25 Jul 1830); Mary (30 May 1852 - Mar 1937);

Mary (Morgan) Hiatt Dewey

Mary (Morgan) Hiatt Dewey

Samuel Morgan

Samuel Morgan and son

William & Flora (Lamb) Morgan

William and Flora (Lamb) Morgan

Clarence & Roxanna (Morgan) Cooley

Clarence and Roxanna (Morgan) Cooley

John & Kate (Morgan) Lamb

John and Kate (Morgan) Lamb

Marion & Hulda (Morgan) Combs

Marion & Hulda (Morgan) Combs

Daniel & Mary (Hansen) Morgan

Daniel Eli and Mary (Hansen) Morgan

Charles & Alice Abigail (Morgan) Fidler

Charles & Alice Abigail (Morgan) Fidler

John, Ina & Birdie Morgan

John, Ina & Birdie Morgan

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