Moore Cemetery

Near the intersection of Mt. Bethel Road and Road M, Platte Co., MO, approximately 7 miles northwest of Weston, Platte Co., MO.

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Alice Ann Curtis

Alice Ann, wife of J. A. E. Curtis born April 2, 1822, died June 1, 1857

William A Williams

William A. son of N. I. & E. Williams, died Oct 8, 1876, aged 1 y'r, 22 d's

Heaven retaineth our treasure, Earth thy lowly casket keeps, And the sunbeams love to linger, While our little Willie sleeps.

Harrison A Glover     Harrison A Glover

Harrison A. Glover, Died Mar, 11, 1860, Aged 42 Y'rs. 6 M'os, (number of days under soil - not noticed until home viewing photo).

Wm M Krusor      Wm M Krusor

Wm M. Krusor, Born Jan. 16, 1823, Died May 11, 1892

The righteous shall be an everlasting rembrance

Broken Stone MEK      Broken Stone MEK

May 10 or 15 [broken stone] with footstone MEK. Blessed are the dead who die in...

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