How to Repair a Cemetery Stone

monument repair       monument repair

Dig around the base of any stone that is not level. For large stones use a hi-lift jack and a chain to lift the stone. For smaller stones use a crowbar. Use a level to make sure the stone is straight.

monument repair       monument repair

Use dry concrete mix to fill in the space below the stone. No need to add water - the mix will absorb water from the soil. Pack it in tight. We used an engine hoist and chain covered in firehose to lift the heavy monument. You could use muscle on smaller stones or whatever means you have to get the stone on top of the base.

monument repair       monument repair

The middle base was not attached to the lower base, so we used granite seal to reattach it. When you open the granite seal, put a little water on it to keep it from drying out, plus keep the lid on it when you are not using it. Take a putty knife to grab a hunk of the putty-like substance and roll it into a rope with your hands. Place the middle base on 1x2 inch wood, and then place the putty under the edges of the middle stone. With a pry bar, lift up the stone enough to remove the wood and place extra sealer where the wood was. Lower the stone completely with the pry bar.

monument repair       monument repair

Using the putty knife, remove the excess sealer and save it.

monument repair       monument repair

Place the top stone on the base with the two 1x2 inch pieces of wood between the stones.

monument repair

Apply sealer as before, remove the wood and make sure the stone is firmly set in the correct position. Remove excess sealer between all stones. The weight of the top stone may force out more sealer between lower stones. I understand the sealer sets in about 1 hour. No wait is required between any of these steps.

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