Lee Cemetery

Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Illinois
North of Elizabethtown on 146, north on State Hwy 3 (aka Bassett School Road), west on private drive.

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Malinda J. Hamilton, daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Lee Hamilton, married Sidney J. Casad

Malinda J Casad      Malinda J. Casad

Malinda J. Casad, Sept. 29, 1829 - Oct. 13, 1922 Gone but not forgotten

Mary & Ezra Casad

Ezra L. & Mary E. Casad

Ezra L. Casad      Ezra L. Casad

Ezra L. Casad, 1885 - 1889

Mary E Casad

Mary E. Casad, 1852 - 1919

Catharine Ayres

Catharine, Wife of ?. ?. Ayres, Born (broken stone), Died Mar. 1?, 18??

Elizabeth Ayres

Elizabeth, Wife of Wm. Ayres, Born ? 31, 1886(?), (broken stone)

Mary E. Ralph      Mary E. Ralph

Mary E., Wife of J. W. Ralph, Born Feb. 3, 1837, Died Jan. 21, 1868

Mary E. Ralph

Mary E. Ralph

Elbert R Hobbs

Elbert R. Hobbs, Born Mar. 22, 1838, Died May 5, 1877

Alice A. Rose

Alice A., Wife of E. G. Rose, Born Mar. 18, 1853, Died Jan. 27, 1878

unknown marker

Unknown marker

Joseph Orvin Clanton

Joseph Orvin Clanton Nov. 6, 1963 - Dec 9, 1979, Free as a bird from earthly strife waiting to meet you in a better life.

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