Moffitt/Kellogg Family from Chase County, Kansas
Courtesy of Jim Hays

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AD Moffitt & Smith Kellogg (back), Esther Moffitt & Clyde Hoover

Back: AD Moffitt and her husband Smith Walker Kellogg.
AD Moffitt was born in Cottonwood Falls, KS on Mar 19, 1869. She died Oct 30, 1924 and is buried in Scotts Mills, OR.
Smith Walker Kellogg was born Sep 7, 1859 in Ashtabula, Ohio. He died in Mar 1935 in Portland Oregon.
They were married June 9, 1892 in Cottonwood Falls. Their daughter, Edith Phoebe Kellogg (Magee)
was born in 1900 in Cottonwood Falls. AD and Smith Walker moved to the Long Beach, CA area with their children about 1903. Edith said they moved to Oregon about 1905 and lived on the Umpqua River. At some point they moved back to Long Beach, CA. Then about 1917, they moved to Scotts Mills, OR.

Front: Esther Moffitt and Clyde Hoover.
Esther Moffit was born April 2, 1874 Cottonwood Falls, Chase Co., Kansas. She died October 1964 in Ventura, Ventura Co., California.
Clyde Hoover was born in 1872 in Greenville, Darke Co., Ohio. He died in 1938 in Santa Ana, Orange Co., California.
They were married on June 9, 1892 in Cottonwood Falls.
AD and Esther are the daughters of David Moffitt (b.22 Mar 1827-,,NC) and Mary Frazier (b.21 Jul 1831-,,IN;m.20 Nov 1856;d.27 Nov 1908-Chase,KS).

Mary Moffitt & daughters

Mary Moffitt and her daughters, probably taken after David Mottiff died.

Amy, Esther & Agga Moffitt sisters

Amy, Esther & Agga Moffitt - sisters

Mary Moffitt & daughter Phebe Moffit      Phebe Moffit

Mary Moffitt & daughter Phebe Moffitt

David Moffit     Mary Frazier Moffit

David Moffitt & wife Mary Frazier Moffitt

Joshua Moffit family

Left 3: Eva, Dave & Chester Jones.

Center: Josuhua, son of Libni Moffitt, Willie & Mary Ann Moffitt

Right 3: Al, Carrie & Nellie Weesn(?)

Mary Etta Kellogg young      Mary Etta Kellogg older

Mary Etta Kellogg, mother of Smith Walker Kellogg. Mary Etta was born Jun 6, 1820 in Onondagn, NY. She died on May 19, 1899 in Cottonwood Falls, KS.

N C Hoskins at stone school

N C Hoskins at stone school
Girl in front row, far left: AD Moffitt
Man in center: N C Hoskins
Just to the left of Mr. Hoskins head, Phoebe Moffitt
Tallest boy, back row, left: Bob Selves
Tallest boy, right side: Rich Hunter

I welcome corrections, additions and questions on my information. Sources available upon request.

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