Old Friends Cemetery

Latitude 38.420209, Longitude 96.369345
1/2 mile west of the Lyon/Chase County line, in Kansas on Road 180, north side of the road.

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baby Moffitt      Eli Moffitt

Baby lies here (Possibly baby of John & Susanna or John & Eliza Moffitt)
Eli Moffitt, Died Sept. 1872, Aged (1?) Year.

David Moffitt      Libni Moffitt

David Moffitt, Husband of Mary Moffitt, Born 3 Mo. 23 Dy, 1827, Died 2 Mo, 22 dy, 1882
Weep not for me but sweetly rest till I meet the in Heaven.
Libni Moffitt, Died 10th Month, 16th Day 1867, Aged 69 years, 10 ms, 5 ds.

Emma & Mary Moffitt

Gone Home Emma, Born 8 mo, 4 dy, 1864, Died 9 mo, 5 dy, 1865
Mary, Born 1 mo, 23 dy, 1872, Died 1 mo, 4 dy, 1881
Daughters of David & Mary Moffitt

Mary Moffitt      Mary Moffitt

Mary Moffitt, July 21, 1831 - Nov. 27, 1908

Mary Ina Moffitt      Phebe Moffitt

Mary Ina, Dau. of John & Eliza Moffitt, Born 8 mo -- ds, 1869, Died, 4m, 8, 1879
She hath done what she could. Phebe, Dau. of David & Mary Moffitt, Born 10 mo 31, 1860, Died, 1m, 4, 1904

Susanna Moffitt      Thomas Moffitt

Susanna, Wife of John Moffitt, Born 6 mo 3, 1842, Died, 11m, 15 ds, 1878
Thomas, Son of L. S. Moffitt, Died 6th Month & 15th Day 1866, Aged 16 Yrs, 7 Ms, 4 Days

Bessie Moon

Bessie, infant dau. of M(?). W. & E. A. Moon

Descendants of Libni Moffitt contributed by Aurora Chancy November 2010, achancy@msn.com.

1. Libni Moffitt (b.11 Jan 1798-,Chatham,NC;d.16 Oct 1867-Toledo,Chase,KS)
sp1: Margaret Thompson (b.25 Feb 1802-,Orange co,NC;m.17 Oct 1822;d.22 Apr 1838-Driftwood MM,,IN)
    2. Samuel Moffitt (b.7 Oct 1823-,,NC)
    sp: Johanna (b.1841-,,IN)
       3. Peter Moffitt (b.1858-,,IN)
       3. Ester Moffitt (b.1863-,,KS)
       3. Jesse Moffitt (b.1869-,,KS)
    2. Priscilla Moffitt (b.31 Jul 1825-,,NC;d.12 Aug 1838)
    2. David Moffitt (b.22 Mar 1827-,,NC)
    sp: Mary Frazier (b.21 Jul 1831-,,IN;m.20 Nov 1856;d.27 Nov 1908-Chase,KS)
       3. Annie Moffitt (b.1858-,,IN)
       3. Phebe Moffitt (b.31 Oct 1860-,,IN;d.4 Jan 1904-Chase,KS)
       3. Aggie Moffitt (b.1863-,,IN)
       3. Emma Moffitt ( 1864)
       3. Avery-Amy Moffitt (b.1866-,,KS)
       3. Lucy Moffitt (b.1868-,,KS)
       3. Ady Moffitt (b.1869-,,KS)
       3. Esther Moffitt (b.1872-,,KS)
       3. Mary Moffitt (b.1872-,,KS)
    2. Phebe Moffitt (b.10 Apr 1830-,,NC)
    sp: Louis Mendenhall (m.21 Oct 1854)
    2. William Moffitt (b.20 Jan 1832;d.20 Feb 1839)
    2. Lydia Moffitt (b.3 Oct 1833;d.21 Sep 1837)
    2. John Moffitt (b.20 Oct 1835-Driftwood MM,Jackson,IN;d.1917-,,CA)
    sp1: Eliza Jane Stevens (b.18 Nov 1841-,,IN;m.11 Jul 1861;d.11 May 1871)
       3. Libni Banfield Moffitt (b.30 May 1862-,Jackson,IN;d.18 Sep 1870)
       3. Adda Lovina Moffitt (b.21 Sep 1863;d.14 Oct 1863-Farmington,Jackson,IN)
       3. Lydia Ettie Moffitt (b.10 Aug 1864-,,KS;d.6 Jan 1953-San Diego,CA)
       sp: James William Haworth (b.Mar 1854-IL;m.7 Jun 1885;d.1936)
          4. Richard Maxie Haworth (b.30 Dec 1886-McPherson,,KS;d.24 Sep 1966-Lake co,CA)
         sp: Della B Booth (b.23 Feb 1882-CA;d.14 Jan 1964-Lake co,CA)
         4. Jesse William Haworth (b.5 Oct 1896-,,CA;d.3 May 1960-San Diego,CA)
         sp: Viola Berdsell (b.1904;d.1986)
         4. James Ralph Haworth (b.19 Sep 1897-Ramona,San Diego,CA;d.1 Oct 1996-El Cajon,San Diego,CA)
         sp: Mary Violet Throckmorton (b.30 May 1900-IN;m.30 Aug 1917;d.29 Feb 1996-El Cajon,San Diego,CA)
         4. Mabel Sarah Haworth (b.29 May 1901-,,CA;d.25 Jan 1990-Monterey,CA)
         sp: Aaron Lewis (b.1898-. MO;m.1924;d.8 Dec 1962-MEX)
         sp: Gary
       3. Mary Ina Moffitt (b.Sep 1869-KA;d.8 Apr 1879-Chase,KS)
    sp2: Susanah Kemp (b.13 Jun 1842-Orange,NC,USA;m.16 Apr 1872;d.15 Nov 1878-,,KS)
       3. Carrie Jane Moffitt (b.25 Jun 1874-Saffordville,Chase,KS,USA;d.29 Jul 1935-Covina,Los Angeles,CA,USA)
       sp: Noah H Hutchison (b.1868-Coyville,Wison,KS,USA;m.4 Oct 1899;d.16 Nov 1941-Pasadena,Los Angeles,CA,USA)
         4. Glen Vernon Hutchison (b.16 Apr 1902-Ramona,San Diego,CA,USA)
         sp: Corine Alva Jacoby (b.20 Jul 1904-Eden,Choncho,TX,USA;m.20 Jul 1926;d.24 Oct 1979-Fresno,CA,USA)
         4. Hazel Wenona Hutchison (b.1905-Ramona,San Diego,CA;d.29 Mar 1983-Los Angeles,CA)
         sp: Burton Twombly Bingham (b.9 May 1900-Denver,,CO;m.30 May 1941)
       3. Minnie Ruth Moffitt (b.4 Nov 1877-Toleda,,KS;d.6 Feb 1943-Minneapolis,,KS)
       sp: William M Phillips (b.24 Nov 1878-Salem,,MO;m.23 Apr 1901;d.21 Dec 1957-Minneapolis,Ottawa,KS)
         4. Blanche Lavina Phillips (b.30 Oct 1904-Larned,,KS;d.7 Jun 1930-Topeka,,KS)
         4. Olive May Phillips (b.29 Aug 1906-Larned,,KS;d.18 Jan 1987-Topeka,,KS)
         sp: Frank S Drury (b.11 Jul 1893-Velencia,,KS;m.29 Aug 1928;d.3 Feb 1971-Meriden,,KS)
         4. Henry Elmer Phillips (b.25 May 1911-Larned,,KS;d.30 Sep 1986-Lucerne Valley,San Bernardino,CA)
         sp: Dorothy Garren (b.2 Sep 1920;d.8 Feb 1944)
         sp: Leila M Anway (b.15 Dec 1917-IA;m.9 Dec 1946;d.3 Nov 2003-Lucerne Valley,San Bernardino,California)
         4. Wilma Lucille Phillips (b.28 Jan 1917-Topeka,Shawnee,KS)
         sp: Roy Oliver Chancy (b.16 Dec 1910-Delphos,Ottawa,KS;m.30 Jun 1939;d.4 Sep 1990-Delphos,Ottawa,KS)
    sp3: Sarah E English (b.15 Oct 1831;m.19 Oct 1893;d.20 Oct 1903-KS) --Sarah Hillman according to the Chase County Historical Sketches
    2. Joshua Moffitt (b.13 Nov 1837-Driftwood MM,Jackson,IN)
    sp: Mary Ann Smith (b.8 Feb 1843-,Columbiana,OH;m.13 Feb 1863)
       3. Carrie Bell Moffitt (b.23 Aug 1864-,Clare,KS)
       sp: Allen J Weesner (b.1866;d.1938)
         4. Ella Cassia Weesner (b.1899-Norborne,,MO;d.1993-Nephi,,UT)
       3. Eva Ella Moffitt (b.12 Aug 1867-,Jennings,IN)
       3. Margaret Ann Moffitt (b.25 Mar 1871;d.13 Jan 1873)
       3. Jesse William Moffitt (b.12 Feb 1876)
sp2: Arsenith Stephens (b.9 Jul 1811-,,NC;m.1839;d.9 Mar 1853)
    2. Amy Moffitt (b.22 Jun 1840-,,IN)
    sp: Eli Fraiser (b.1837-,,IN;m.5 May 1860)
    2. Mary Moffitt (b.3 Dec 1841-,,IN)
    2. Eliza Moffitt (b.24 May 1843-,,IN)
    2. Hannah Moffitt (b.15 Nov 1844-,,IN)
    2. Robert W Moffitt (b.5 Jul 1846-,,IN)
    2. Sarah Moffitt (b.10 Oct 1847-,,IN)
    2. Thomas Elwood Moffitt (b.19 Nov 1849-,,IN)
    2. Ruth Moffitt (b.26 Aug 1851)

I welcome corrections, additions and questions on my information. Sources available upon request.

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