Brumley Family Cemetery

Township 55N, Range 36W, SE 1/4 of Section 21
Approximately 1/4 to 1/2 mile W NW of the intersection of Highway 116 and Highway 46
Private Property - Please ask for permission

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Daniel & Elizabeth Brumley were my 3-great grandparents. They were born in Shelby Co., KY, Daniel on 14 Feb, 1814, Elizabeth J. Brown on 04 Jun 1818. They married 18 Sep 1834 in Shelby Co., KY and Daniel's father, William Brumley, was the bondsman. Elizabeth was the daughter of Lucy Brown. In early life, Daniel was a cooper (maker of wooden casks, tubs and barrels) like his father and later became a farmer. Daniel was a member of the Paw Paw Militia of Buchanan and Platte Counties in Missouri. They lived in Parke Co., IN from 1837-1843, then moved to Bloomington Twp, Buchanan Co., MO until their deaths. Daniel and Elizabeth had 11 children, 8 of whom lived to adulthood. Of the eight who lived, the three oldest were born in Indiana, the rest born in Buchanan Co., MO. Daniel's father was William, a native of Kentucky, and Daniel's grandfather was also William, born in Ireland. Daniel had three sisters and five brothers, Daniel being the 3rd son. I do not know any of his siblings names.

Brumley Family Stone

We found this Brumley stone laying flush with the ground. I dusted it with cornstarch to make the writing easier to read. Directly behind this stone is the large square base it fell off of. Right past the knees of the person in the picture is a smaller base that said Brumley. Originally the smaller base sat on the large base, and the 4 foot tall piece laying on the ground was on top.

John A & Daniel B Brumley Stone      John A Brumley Stone

-- Side 1 --
John A. BRUMLEY Born May 18, 1850, Died Feb 28, 1882
Daniel B. BRUMLEY Born 3-16-1856, Died 3-20-1856, Aged 4 days

Daniel B Brumley footstone
Daniel B. Brumley footstone

Brumley Family Stone      Brumley Family Stone
With the help of 2 strong men, a shovel, a crowbar, a 4-wheeler and a tow chain, we dug up the stone. It looked to be 8x8 inches x 4 feet. You can see the dark mud line and that the stone was almost completely buried. Unfortunately, in the process of digging it up, we did scrape the stone slightly.

Daniel Brumley Stone      Daniel Brumley Stone

-- Side 2 --
Sacred to the memory of a devoted husband and father:

Daniel BRUMLEY Died Apr 20, 1888, Aged 74 Ys 2 Ms 6 Ds

A precious one from us is gone. A voice we love is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled.
God in his wisdom has recalled the boon his love had given.
And though the body moulders here, his soul is safe in heaven.

Elizabeth J Brumley Stone

-- Side 3 --
Elizabeth, wife of D. Brumley Died Jan 11, 1892, Aged 73 Ys, 7 Ms, 7 Ds

Brumley Children

-- Side 4 --

The children of Daniel and Elizabeth Brown Brumley were:
Mary Elizabeth Brumley Stone
William P. Brumley
Samuel H. Brumley
Thomas E. Brumley
John A. Brumley
George W. Brumley
John A. Brumley
Henry H. Brumley
Lucy Ann Brumley Simmons

Brumley & Delmott
We laid the stone back down on the large base (smaller base on the left). This is the very happy Patty Delmott, standing next to the stone of her third great grandparents, Daniel & Elizabeth Brumley, overjoyed at finding the elusive Brumley Family Cemetery.

Cemetery notes: The cemetery is on top of a hill and was very overgrown. You could walk right past it and not see the stones if you weren't looking closely. I transcribed and took photos of every monument that was visible in the cemetery. It is highly possible other stones are buried. The largest Brumley stone which had fallen off two base stones, was 4 foot tall and 8x8 inches square. It was buried about 7 1/2 inches deep. It took a shovel, an iron rod, a 4-wheeler and a tow chain to unearth the monument. There was a footstone with D. B. B. for Daniel B. Brumley that was completely buried. Two other monuments had to be dug up, but not the degree of the other stone. There appeared to be some rocks marking some burial locations. There were trees, gooseberry plants and poison ivy all throught the cemetery. Lucky for me, the rattlesnakes weren't out yet. We heard wild turkeys gobbling over the ridge. This cemetery was visited on 4-23-2006.

Descendants of Daniel & Elizabeth J. Brown Brumley

Generation No. 1

1.      DANIEL BRUMLEY (WILLIAM, WILLIAM) was born 14 Feb 1814 in Shelby Co., KY, and died 20 Apr 1888. He married ELIZABETH J. BROWN 18 Sep 1834 in Shelby Co., KY, daughter of LUCY ?. She was born 04 Jun 1818 in Shelby Co., KY, and died 11 Jan 1892 in Bloomington Twp, Buchanan Co., MO.

         i. MARY ELIZABETH BRUMLEY, b. 03 Jun 1838, Indiana; m. D. V. STONE.
         ii. WILLIAM P. BRUMLEY, b. 21 Jun 1840, Indiana; m. MARY E. DICKEN, 1862.
2.      iii. SAMUEL H. BRUMLEY, b. 15 May 1842, Indiana; d. 14 Mar 1917.
         iv. THOMAS E. BRUMLEY, b. 13 Dec 1845, Missouri; m. LOUISA S. KING, 23 Sep 1881, Platte Co, MO.
3.      v. GEORGE W. BRUMLEY, b. 06 Dec 1847, Missouri.
         vi. JOHN A. BRUMLEY, b. 18 May 1850, Missouri; d. 28 Feb 1882, Buchanan Co., MO.
4.      vii. HENRY H BRUMLEY, b. 03 Apr 1852, Missouri.
5.      viii. LUCY ANN BRUMLEY, b. 12 May 1854, Missouri; d. 17 Mar 1930.
         ix. DANIEL B. BRUMLEY, b. 16 Mar 1856, Missouri; d. 20 Mar 1856, Buchanan Co., MO.

Generation No. 2

1.      MARY ELIZABETH BRUMLEY (DANIEL, WILLIAM, WILLIAM) was born 03 Jun 1838 in Indiana. She married D. V. STONE.

         i. SAMUEL H. STONE, b. 31 July 1863; d. 5 Apr 1888

2.      SAMUEL H. BRUMLEY (DANIEL, WILLIAM, WILLIAM) was born 15 May 1842 in Indiana, and died 14 Mar 1917. He married (1) LAURRETTA HORNE 15 Nov 1870, daughter of AMOS HORNE and ELIZABETH ELLISON. She died 26 Aug 1873. He married (2) SARAH ALICE HORNE 20 Mar 1874. She was born 26 Jul 1852 in Missouri, and died 20 Jan 1929.

         i. ELVIRA BRUMLEY, b. 30 May 1872; d, 25 Aug 1874
         ii. LUCY LORETTA BRUMLEY, b. 11 Aug 1873; d. 11 Sep 1873

         iii. VANE BRUMLEY, b. 15 Mar 1875; d. 03 Dec 1968; m. BETTIE M. HILL; b. 26 Feb 1877; d. 15 May 1906.
         iv. GUY T. BRUMLEY, b. 1876; d. 1929; m. STELLA DIX; b. 1877; d. 1959.
         v. CHARLES H. BRUMLEY, b. Feb 1878, Missouri; d. 09 Sep 1957; m. MAUD R. LIGHT; b. 1878; d. 1965.
         vi. MARY BRUMLEY, b. 14 May 1883; d. 29 Aug 1889
         vii. AMOS BRUMLEY, b. Jan 1889, Missouri; d. 19 Oct 1969; m. NELLIE ?.

3.      GEORGE W. BRUMLEY (DANIEL, WILLIAM, WILLIAM) was born 06 Dec 1847 in Missouri. He married MARY BELLE PISTOLE 1880. She was born Jan 1863.

         i. ORA E. BRUMLEY, b. Jun 1885, Missouri.

4.      HENRY H BRUMLEY (DANIEL, WILLIAM, WILLIAM) was born 03 Apr 1852 in Missouri. He married MARY JANE SIMMONS 04 Mar 1874 in Platte, Missouri, daughter of PETER SIMMONS and ELIZABETH HIATT. She was born Abt. 1855 in Missouri, and died 1946.

         i. EDWARD BRUMLEY, b. 1875; d. 1954; m. ELIZA JANE ?; b. 1872; d. 1956.
         ii. EFFIE BRUMLEY.
         iii. NORA BRUMLEY.
         iv. SAMUEL BRUMLEY.
         v. PAUL BRUMLEY.

5.      LUCY ANN BRUMLEY (DANIEL, WILLIAM, WILLIAM) was born 12 May 1854 in Missouri, and died 17 Mar 1930. She married WILLIAM NELSON SIMMONS 14 Jan 1872 in Buchanan Co., Mo, son of PETER SIMMONS and ELIZABETH HIATT. He was born 22 Jan 1848 in Missouri, and died 12 Aug 1927.

         i. CARRIE BELLE SIMMONS, b. 24 Dec 1872, Dekalb, Buchanan Co., Missouri; d. 29 Jan 1959, Marion, Marion Co., KS; m. LEO JENNINGS BRIGHAM, 16 Jul 1900; b. 1875; d. Jan 1915.
         ii. WILLIAM ROBERT SIMMONS, b. 20 Oct 1874, MO; d. 25 Dec 1938, Wisconsin; m. PHOEBE LAYTIN; b. Dec 1877, Wisconsin; d. 1930.
         iii. ARTHUR AUGUSTUS SIMMONS, b. Jun 1877, KS; d. 1956; m. LULU ETHEL ST. MARY, 02 Apr 1899, Wayman farm, mid way between Allen and Admire, KS; b. May 1881.
         iv. PHILLIP JONES SIMMONS, b. 07 Apr 1879, Muscotah, KS; d. 07 May 1963, Fulton, MO hospital; m. LIZZIE BERTHA MACKENTHUN, 27 Feb 1901; b. 30 Jul 1879, Peotone, Ill; d. 26 Feb 1938, Americus, Lyon Co., KS.
         v. MARION HARLAN SIMMONS, b. 23 Jul 1881, KS; d. 03 Mar 1907, Santa Fe, KS; m. FRANNIE SAFFER; b. 29 Jan 1885; d. 29 Apr 1904.
         vi. MARY VIOLA SIMMONS, b. Feb 1884, KS; d. 28 Oct 1962, Marion, Marion, Kansas; m. HAMILTONIA HEDGES MCGHAY, 08 Apr 1903, Sugar Creek Church, Buchanan, Missouri; b. 1880; d. 1948, Marion, Marion, Kansas.
         vii. RHODA ALICE SIMMONS, b. 19 Jul 1886, KS; d. 16 Jan 1924; m. FRANK MULLEN.
         viii. HENRY HARDEN SIMMONS, b. 17 Jan 1889, KS; d. Nov 1967; m. ANNA HETT; d. 1966.
         ix. CHELSIE ARLAND SIMMONS, b. 21 Apr 1891, KS; d. Jul 1951; m. FERN FLORENCE VEREGGE.
         x. WARREN EARL SIMMONS, b. Mar 1894, KS; m. MYRTHLE OFFNER; d. 1973.
         xi. LUCY FLORENCE SIMMONS, b. 1896; d. Aft. 07 May 1963; m. CASPER HETT.

I welcome corrections, additions and questions on my information. At this time, I don't know how the Jones are related. Sources available upon request.

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