Costa Rica 2000


Sunday, August 6, 2000  - Monteverde Cloud Forest - Hummingbird Feeders

After our hike in the Monteverde Cloud Forest, we went to a Hummingbird Gallery for 10 minutes.  Hummingbirds of all types were feeding at the feeders.  I am not very good at identifying these birds.  I have A GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF COSTA RICA, by F. Gary Stiles and Alexander F. Skutch, but either the light on my hummingbird didn't show the correct color, or the view in the book was of the front, and I had a photo from the back.  There are 57 species of hummingbirds to choose from.  If anyone knows which hummingbirds these are, please let me know.



The bird on the right is the Magnificent Hummingbird (maybe).


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