Costa Rica 2000


Thursday, August 3, 2000  - Corcovado, Costa Rica

I got up at 5 am this morning and took photos of sunrise and the high tide.  After breakfast, we walked on the beach looking for rocks and shells.  We saw as many as 28 scarlet macaws flying within a few minutes time.  Then the boys used the boogie boards until it got too sunny - about 1 ½ hours.  After lunch we walked along the beach again and the boys used the boogie boards again for ½ hour, but the waves were higher and rougher.

At 2:30 pm there is no rain, but it's coming.  It has been quite breezy and mostly cloudy.  Very pleasant.  The boys went to the hammock hut.  I washed out some dirty, sandy shirts and socks at the washboard used by the staff at Corcovado.  I didn't get anything clean at all, but I did knock some sand off.  It takes about 1 ½ days for clothes to dry.  The staff have a covered clothesline where clothes are hanging all the time.  I do know they send the white towels out (by plane) to be washed.

Hand LaundryHand Laundry

RelaxingAsher's 10th BirthdaySkyler herding lizards

Asher turned 10 today.  We relaxed in the hammocks a while.  Skyler was trying to catch lizards.


After laundry, I saw outside my tent to watch the birds go by.  I saw a white head and chest hawk (white-shouldered hawk), a small brown bird (wren?), a green and white hummingbird (Purple-crowned Fairy), and a small yellow bird with a grey head and a black and white stripe by it's eye.  The song was "tsi" (bananaquit).

BirdPurple-crowned Fairy

We had something different for dinner.  Plantain cooked with cheese (and sugar?).  They also fixed a cake for Asher's birthday.  They turned out the dining lights and carried the cake out with candles and sang Happy Birthday.  The dutch people sang a dutch version.  The cake was like coffee cake with a sugary marshmellow-cream like frosting.


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