Costa Rica 2000


Wednesday, August 2, 2000  - Corcovado, Costa Rica

I got up at 5:30 am.  I slept pretty good until 3 am.  There didn't seem to be such heavy rain last night.  I walked around a little before breakfast and saw a brown pelican spread-eagle dead in the middle of the garden trail.  For some reason I don't understand, they get blind or injured, then die.  Maybe they bonk their heads on rocks when they're diving for fish.  We got pretty close to a blind one yesterday.  Maybe it was this one.
[Early Morning Pacific][Early Morning Pacific]
We saw hermit crabs all over.  They eat dead fish.  They also run away when we come near.
[Hermit Crabs][Scarlet Macaw]
I saw more scarlet macaws and also the screechy green parrots flying overhead.  I probably saw 7 scarlet macaws today.
[Scarlet Macaw][Scarlet Macaw]
Breakfast was much the same as other days.  Rice and beans, fruit, cereal and milk, orange juice, scrambled eggs and toast.

Last night in the hammock house I got bit on the arm.  It still itches and is slightly swollen.  Red and swollen the size of a silver dollar with a bite mark in the center.  Skyler got bit on the toe earlier, but doesn't complain now.


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