Costa Rica 2000


Friday, August 11, 2000  -  Tortuguero

After lunch we took a boat ride to the town of Tortuguero, where we would watch a 15 minute movie on the nesting Green Sea Turtles.  Going into the movie, I saw these small boys with machetes cutting coconuts.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed they were drinking the liquid.  After we got out of the movie, I was watching them closer and taking their photos.  One boys asked me if I wanted one.  I said "cuanto cuesto?"  They replied, "cien", which is one hundred (colones, about 33 cents).  But I blanked out - forgot what cien was.  So I started counting, uno, dos, tres,...  when the youngest boy hollered out "a hundred!!"

Selling Coconuts Tico Chico

We then walked between the houses, most of which had their doors open and you could see inside, to get to the couple of stores the town had.  They had a gift shop and a small grocery store.  I bought a tank top, carved gourd, 2 post cards and 3 ice creams.

After Tortuguero, we got back in the boat and took it to where the canal meets the Carribean Ocean, then back to our lodge.  At night, you see amphibians like this gecko, and frogs up near the ceiling of our second floor outdoor walkway.

Gecho in our room

Below is a view of the new swimming pool at Tortuguero Lodge in the foreground, the canal in the middle, the strip of land with the airport landing strip behind the trees, and the Carribean behind.

swimming pool, canal at Tortuguero Lodge


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