Costa Rica 2000


Friday, August 11, 2000  -  Tortuguero

Flying Monkey

This is one of my favorite photos from the first boat ride.  We saw the first Spider Monkey leap from a tree on the left to a tree on the right.  The second monkey was swinging up and down on a branch, building up momentum to make the same leap.  My only regret is that I forgot my camera had the mode which would have allowed me to continually depress the button, taking a whole series of shots as the monkey jumped.  But at least I got one good photo.

After breakfast, we took another 3 hour boat ride.  There wasn't much new on this trip.  Asher didn't go this time.  He swam and played with the other kids.

Male Anhinga drying his wings 3-toed Sloth in a Cecropia tree

Male Anhinga drying his wings (I know this is the right bird - I learned how to take better notes as the trip went on.)  3-toed Sloth in a Cecropia tree.

Canal House

This was an amazing house.  It reflects that the people are poor.  The roof is made of corrugated metal, some of it rusted, there is no need for heat or air conditioning here.  This house is on stilts only because of the water.  The wooden boat in front of the house appears to be carved from a tree trunk, and there is a tame pig running loose, in front of the house.

Iguana Non-poisonous Brown Vine Snake

Iguana as seen from our 2nd boat trip.  Non-poisonous Brown Vine Snake, 4-5 feet long, as big around as your thumb, first seen on the sidewalk outside our rooms, but then it slithered into a bush.  The boys also saw a Green Vine Snake.


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