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Chase County in Kansas

Old Friends Cemetery, Toledo, Chase Co., KS, 1/2 mile west of the Lyon/Chase County line on Road 180, Latitude 38.420209, Longitude 96.369345
     Click here to view transcription of Toledo, Chase, Co., KS Old Friends Cemetery
     Click here to for a history of Saffordville, Chase Co., KS
     Page 1 - Albertson, Allen, Bailey, Brickell, Brown
     Page 2 - Campbell, Church, Colloday, Cooper, Cope, Flickenger
     Page 3 - Hammer, Hoskins, Ingmire
     Page 4 - Johnson, Jones, Kirk, Lee, Marriott, McCorkle
     Page 5 - Moffitt, Moon
     Page 6 - Moore, Morgan, Murdock, Murphey, Newkirk, Osborn
     Page 6a -Morgan Family Photos
     Page 7 - Perry, Pilcher, Pressnall, Reed, Rolfe, Sherman, Smiley, Smith, Stone, unknown

Buchanan & Platte Counties in Missouri

Brumley family cemetery on the Brumley homestead, Buchanan Co, MO, Township 55N, Range 36W, SE 1/4 of Section 21.
     Page 1 - Daniel & Elizabeth Brumley and family
     Page 2 - Daughters and first wife of Samuel Brumley
     Page 3 - Samuel Stone, son of Mary Elizabeth and D. V. Stone
     Page 4 - Jones stones
     Page 5 - Plot map of Brumley Cemetery and before/after cleaning photos

Jones Cemetery - Buchanan Co., MO, Township 55N, Range 36W, SW corner of section 22
     Page 1 - Simmons & Dix stones
     Page 2 - Garton stones

Moore Cemetery - Near the intersection of Mt. Bethel Road and Road M, Platte Co., MO, approximately 7 miles northwest of Weston, Platte Co., MO
     Page 1 - Curtis, Williams, Glover, Krusor
     Page 2 - Dye, Pepper, Curtis
     Page 3 - Pepper
     Page 4 - Miller, Pepper, Williams
     Page 5 - Downey, Thompson, Rees
     Page 6 - Cemetery Views
     Page 7 - How to get to the Cemetery

Sugar Creek Cemetery - Bethel Road and Road M, Platte Co., MO, approximately 7 miles northwest of Weston, Platte Co., MO
     Page 1 - Brumley, McGhay

Unknown Cemetery - Buchanan Co., MO, Township 55N, Range 36W, on the border of Sections 33 and 34
     Page 1 - May, Ellison, More, Peel

Warren County in Iowa

Ackworth Cemetery - Ackworth, Warren Co., IA
     Page 1 - Morgans: William, Catherine, Lizzie, Sarah, Catherine

Shelby County in Kentucky

Mount Vernon Baptist Church Cemetery, Shelby Co, KY, 6.6 miles south of Waddy, KY on KY 395
     Page 1 - Daniel S., Permelia, Addie V. and Hannibal M. Brumley

Brumley Jones Cemetery, Shelby Co, KY, 7.5 miles southeast of Shelbyville, KY
     Page 1 - Maranza H. Brumley, Forddie M. Jones and unknown stones
     Page 2 - Views of Brumley Jones Cemetery

Hardin County in Illinois

Lee Cemetery - North of Elizabethtown on 146, north on State Hwy 3 (aka Bassett School Road), west on private drive.
     Page 1 - Lee
     Page 2 - Lee, Black
     Page 3 - Jackson, Twitchell, Keeling, S'Barger, McFarland
     Page 4 - Casad, Ayres, Ralph, Hobbs, Rose, Clanton

McFarlan Cemetery - Behind Rose Hotel Bed & Breakfast, Elizabethtown
     Page 1 - McFarlan, Howard

Methodist Church Cemetery - Behind the Methodist Church in Elizabethtown
     Page 1 - McFarlan, Stone, Hobbs

Tipton County, Indiana

Pleasant Hill Cemetery - South of Elwood, take first road west (E 550 S), Cemetery ahead on south.
     Page 1 - Farlow, Simmons

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