Brumley Family Cemetery

Township 55N, Range 36W, SE 1/4 of Section 21
Approximately 1/4 to 1/2 mile W NW of the intersection of Highway 116 and Highway 46
Private Property - Please ask for permission

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Brumley Cemetery plot map

My sister and I cleaned up the Brumley Family Cemetery (also known as Brumley Hill Cemetery) on 11-10-2006. It was pretty overgrown. We cut out small trees and brush and hauled out dead tree limbs and branches. After the cemetery was cleared, I made a map to show the locations of the stones. There appeared to be an old wire fence smashed into the ground that was not evident at first. The fence was about 20 yards by 20 yards and was wrapped around 4 trees, and all but one of those trees have died and fallen. We learned how to repair stones, and mounted a few of the multiple piece stones, but did not mount the top pieces until there is a fence to keep out the long-horned cows that were rubbing against the stones.

Brumley Cemetery before

A before picture of the cemetery with my sister in front of the Brumley Family stone (Daniel & Elizabeth, Daniel B. and John)

Brumley Cemetery cows

The cows did not bother us, but thought our bags of quickcrete were bags of food. One cow licked an unattended sack open, and one cow was getting too close to me while I was dumping quickcrete to level a stone. So I let him sniff the sack, and then he moved a couple of steps away.

Brumley Cemetery rock & footstone

There were several "rock" headstone markers with 3-initial footstones. This one is for Elvira Brumley.

Brumley Cemetery cows after

The Cemetery after cleaning. This is the Elvira, Lucy L. and Laurretta Brumley stone in the foreground and Mary E. Brumley in the background, looking south.

Brumley Cemetery after

The Daniel, Elizabeth, Daniel B. and John Brumley stone in the foreground, Elvira, Lucy L. and Laurretta Brumley stone behind, and Mary E. Brumley on the far left. Looking east.

Brumley Cemetery after

I'm standing near the Daniel Brumley stone looking south. The cows are standing near the Samuel Stone stone and the Mary E. Brumley stone is to the right.

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