Brumley Jones Cemetery

N 38.09.772, W 85.06.624
From Shelbyville drive east on US 60 for 3.5 miles. Turn right on KY 714 and drive south for 3.2 miles. Turn left on paved access road for .5 miles toward I-64, then drive east on gravel road .2 miles to farm (owned by William P. Gill in 1975). Continue southeast 1000 feet on the farm road to a tobacco barn. The cemetery is in a grove of trees 400 feet east of this point.

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Maranza Brumley      Maranza Brumley

Maranza H. Wife of Daniel Brumley, Born May 22, 1818, Died June 23, 1840

Forddie Jones      Forddie Jones

Forddie M.. Son of J. W. & M. P. Jones, Born Nov. 13, 1876, Died Nov 23, 1884

stone 01      footstone 01

This was the only other stone that I could make out any writing at all. There appears to be a curvy letter, maybe an 'S', followed by an 'M'. The soil was very moist, and it would be possible that these stones have sunk up to 2/3 of their size into the ground.

stone 03      stone 04

stone 05      stone 06

stone 07      stone 08

I welcome corrections, additions and questions on my information. Sources available upon request.

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