Our Contributors

Martha C. Beck is Professor of Philosophy at Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas. She has published twelve books and numerous articles in national and international journals on Plato, Aristotle, feminist theory, and environmental philosophy. She has recently completed a Fulbright Fellowship (January-July 2012) teaching at Sunan Gunung Djati Islamic State University in Bandung, Indonesia.

Werner Krieglstein is a Fulbright scholar and University of Chicago fellow. Krieglstein is the founder of a new philosophical school called Transcendental Perspectivism.  He is an internationally recognized scholar, actor, and director. In the 1960’s Krieglstein studied with Theodore W. Adorno and directed the avant-garde theater, die neue b├╝hne in Frankfort, Germany. He currently is professor emeritus in philosophy and religious studies at the College of DuPage. He is the author of three books: The Dice-Playing God (UPA, 1992), Compassion, A New Philosophy of the Other, (Rodopi, 2002) and Compassionate Thinking, An Introduction to Philosophy (Kendall Hunt 2006). He has also published numerous articles in national and international journals. Krieglstein recently wrote and directed a feature film: Unfinished Business- A Ponzi Scheme and published Einstein’s Mistake, a novel. Krieglstein is currently working on a new book: The Cooperating Universe. Werner is a founding member of the International Society for U

Chris Vasillopulos is Professor in the Department of History, Philosophy, and Political Science at Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic, CT. U.S.A. He is the author of The Triumph of Hate: The Political Theology of the Hitler Movement (UPA, 2011). He has published essays in journals such as International Strategic Research Forum, Skepsis, International Journal of Social Inquiry, and Studies in Philosophy and Education. In June, 2012, he was elected as President of the International Society for Universal Dialogue.