About Us

Dialogue and UniversalismE provides open access to its content. We intend for the essays, reviews, and reflections published here to be available to international scholars and the public at no cost. We hope to support an ongoing global exchange of perspectives on a wide variety of issues and themes that will cultivate a genuine dialogue among diverse cultures and disciplines. While Dialogue and UniversalismE is rooted in the discipline of philosophy, we intend to publish high quality essays containing philosophical content regardless of disciplinary origin.

Dialogue and UniversalismE currently plans to publish four times each year. Dialogue and UniversalismE is a peer-reviewed journal. We believe that the electronic journal format of Dialogue and UniversalismE will provide efficient, affordable, and widespread dissemination of the sorts of scholarship needed to co-create a more positive future for humanity and all living beings. We believe that such idealism is not simply a luxury for academics but a necessity for all at this moment in history. In this spirit we invite like-minded scholars and the general public to participate in what we hope will be a community-building discourse fostered by this E-journal.

Editorial Policy

Dialogue and UniversalismE is a peer-reviewed, open-access international forum for philosophical dialogue devoted to issues of global and contemporary social importance.Dialogue and UniversalismE is dedicated to the philosophical analysis of issues relevant to making the world a more decent, just, and humane home for all living beings. Towards this goal, Dialogue and UniversalismE takes dialogue to be the ultimate arbiter of any shared values strong enough to serve as reliable guides to a healthy, sustainable, and just future for humanity and the larger community of life. Dialogue and UniversalismE strives to cultivate the sort of philosophical dialogue necessary to transcend ideologies of domination. Dialogue and UniversalismE hopes to advance dialogue as a community-building discourse. The editorial policy of Dialogue and UniversalismE is both inspired by and a product of the print journal, Dialogue and Universalism. The deep history of this editorial policy can be traced to the early 1950’s when graduate students at the University of Warsaw declared their journal, Po Postru, to be free of government censorship in the aftermath of the death of Stalin. The result was a few years of free publication which established an open dialogue between Marxist and Christian thinking in Poland. The resulting ‘ethos of dialogue’ has inspired a series of journals, Studia Filozoficzne, Dialectics and Humanism, Dialogue and Humanism, Dialogue and Universalism, and now, Dialogue and UniversalismE.

Guidelines for Submissions

Dialogue and UniversalismE is a peer-reviewed journal. Submissions should be sent electronically by email attachment to the address cbrown@emporia.edu. All submissions must be accompanied by an abstract, maximum length 200 words.

Please send articles with 200 word maximum abstract, preferably as a MS Word document. We request that authors use footnotes rather than endnotes, double quotes for actual quotations, titles of articles, poems, etc. and ‘single quotes’ for all other purposes.

Editorial Board


Janusz Kuczynski

Managing  Editor:

Charles S. Brown


Ed Emmer


Richard Evanoff


Steven Hicks


Marc Lucht


Victor Krebs


George McLean


Elizabeth Okeke


Chioma Opara


John Rensenbrink


Ignatius Sughirito


Y. V. Satyanarayana


Werner Krieglestein