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Music Undergraduate Programs and Minors

Undergraduate Programs and Minors


Bachelor of Arts

Conservatory quality training for vocal and instrumental music at a public regional university prepares students to teach, perform and enjoy music as a career.

Music Education: Instrumental/Vocal (Grades PreK-12)

Bachelor of Music, Concentration

The Bachelor of Music with a music education concentration prepares the student to teach PreK-12 music. In teaching children and young adults, you teach not only music, but confidence, perseverance and dedication, skills needed for a successful adult life.

Music Performance

Bachelor of Music, Concentration

Concentration in Music Performance is designed for advanced study of primary instrument, along with courses in music history, music theory, and introductory research.



The undergraduate with an interest in music can select one of two music minors: Plan I- Liberal Arts Track (BA); Plan II -Professional Track (BM).