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Talent Search assists students in preparing for college and navigating the higher education processes and systems.

Academic and college-preparatory workshops

Talent Search encourages college preparedness through workshops on academic skills, postsecondary education options and requirements, career and self-exploration, and financial literacy. These workshops are held monthly by grade level at each target school. Parent and family workshops are also offered. Schedules are published in our newsletter each semester.

Assistance in completing college admission applications and financial aid forms

Students receive assistance in completing college admission applications and financial aid forms. Students are advised of admission application fee waivers/grants for TRIO participants available at many colleges and universities. Workshops are offered throughout the year providing students information on financial literacy, scholarships and other related topics.

Assistance in preparing for college entrance examinations

Program staff advises students on preparing for the ACT and SAT exams. The program has study guides and practice test materials available. Students are advised on general test taking strategies, what to expect on the day of the exam, and subject content to help prepare students for exams. ACT registration fee waivers are available for qualifying students.

Tutoring services and referrals

Tutoring is provided after school or by appointment at each of our target areas. At each location, students are provided tutoring in core courses, ACT preparation assistance, and access to the internet for scholarship search, college application completion, and other tasks. Tutoring referrals are made when an appropriate tutor is not available.

Campus Visits

Students have the opportunity to go on campus visits throughout the year to learn about admissions, financial aid, housing options, majors and other aspects of various college options. The program has taken students to campus visits throughout the state of Kansas and in neighboring states. 

Academic advising and assistance in course planning and selection

Students are advised on rigorous pre-college curriculum to ensure postsecondary eligibility and preparedness. Graduating seniors are advised on college course offerings and possible majors. Juniors and seniors are advised on dual enrollment options.

Guidance on secondary school re-entry or alternative education programs

Counselors can assist students who have dropped out of high school to re-enter school or enroll in an alternative education program so that, upon receiving their diploma or GED, they may be eligible to apply to postsecondary institutions. Staff will also work alongside students to assist them in applying to postsecondary programs and for financial aid.