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SSS Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about the program

How can I get involved with SSS?

Stop by our office at 323 South Morse to pick up an application or access it online here. Then return the application along with a copy of your parent’s/parents’ most recent federal tax return or yours if you are an independent student. This will be used to establish income status. It will be kept confidential and must be submitted by ALL students applying to the program. After submitting these materials and meeting with the Director for a 30-minute intake interview, she will let you know if you qualify for participation in the program.

What is a “first-generation” college student?

Neither parent/guardian received a baccalaureate degree.

Why should I become a participant?

SSS provides support, services, and guidance to assist you in achieving your educational goals at ESU. The program can help you build on your strengths and address your areas of concern. SSS participants receive personalized support and opportunities not available to other students on campus.

When does SSS accept applications?

We accept applications at any time but review most applications before the beginning of each semester.

Do you accept transfer students?


How much time does it take to participate in the program?

Our students are expected to have frequent contact with the program staff and are expected to take full advantage of program services. Our program services are flexible and can be scheduled on an individual basis. Staff members are available by appointment, phone or email or you can stop by the office while on campus.

Do I have to be in the Freshman Seminar class?

If you are a new freshman to ESU, you are required to be enrolled in the SSS Freshman Seminar.

If accepted into SSS, will I have to apply every year?

No. Once accepted into SSS , you are eligible to participate until graduation.

Does SSS have money for scholarships?

Yes, we have a scholarship called the Trudi Benjamin TRIO Scholarship and also Grant Aid is available to help students who qualify based on need. You must apply for both of these funds and will receive notification from the Director of the awarded amount.

How can I find out about upcoming SSS events?

Upcoming events will be posted in a variety of places, including:

Questions about tutoring and other services

What do I do to receive tutoring?

You can drop by the TRIO office at 323 South Morse Hall to sign up for a weekly scheduled tutoring time. Tutoring appointment are for one hour. Your tutoring appointment is for the same day and time every week for the semester. Tutors are also available for walk-in appointments if you need extra help. Tutor schedules vary from semester to semester.

How can I be a tutor?

We advertise for tutor/mentor positions on the ESU website when we have openings for tutors/mentors. You can also complete an application at any time and deliver it to our office where we will keep it on file for review as positions become available.

What are SSS office hours?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

All staff members work directly with our students, so feel free to contact any one of us at 620-341-5097 or send us an inquiry here.