Karl C. Bruder Theatre

Karl C. Bruder TheatreThe Karl C. Bruder Theatre, constructed in 1967, is the primary production home for the University Theatre. A traditional proscenium stage with excellent sight lines and acoustics, the theatre has a seating capacity of 388.


Production FacilitiesA large lobby plus an adjacent art gallery provide a comfortable gathering space for the audience. Box office and restrooms facilities are located off of the lobby.


Bruder Theatre Lobby


Production facilities include an adjacent scene shop at the rear of the stage plus dressing rooms, green room, and costume shop on the lower level. Large storage spaces for costumes and props are located on the lower level.

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Scene Shop

Costume Shop


Bruder Theatre




The proscenium arch measures 39'-6" by 18'-0". The stage has a single purchase fly system with the rail located at stage right. There are 32 line sets with a travel distance of 44 feet above the deck. The act curtain is rigged for flying. The stage has a full set of soft goods for masking plus two stage width scrims (black and white), and one sky drop.


Bruder Stage LightingThe stage lighting system is by ETC and uses an EOS control console. Stage lighting fixtures are primarily ETC Source Fours and Strand. The sound system is used primarily for reproduction of background music and sound effects. A 24 channel Heath and Allen mixer is used to control sources that include: microphones, CD, computer, and microphone. A patch bay is provided between the eight Crown, Micro-Tech 2400, amplifiers and the speakers; 5 permanent speakers plus 4 " rovers" to be used at the 6 speaker jacks located on stage. Live reinforcement is possible by wireless microphones.


Bruder Blue Print